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Monthly Archives: November 2011

29 11, 2011

Sub-q Velcade tips

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I have been experiencing just about every type of treatment side-effect imaginable lately. No big deal--just constant reminders that I'm undergoing chemotherapy and still recovering from this summer's stem cell transplant. I'm leaving today for Boston to represent my fellow patients on a panel discussion at Millennium Pharmaceuticals--makers of Velcade. I'm sure that one of

27 11, 2011

More about how diet, exercise and carefully-chosen supplements can help improve our overall survival

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Here is Part Two of Danny Parker's introduction to using  supplements and complimentary medicine while battling multiple myeloma: So, back to the fundamental question. Could diet, supplements and exercise play a role in the slowing of progression of the disease? And to answer several questions before they arise. No, I am not an advocate of

26 11, 2011

What role can diet, exercise and carefully-chosen supplements play in improving our Overall Survival?

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I am excited that regular reader and fellow multiple myeloma patient, Danny Parker, has agreed to officially share some of his informal research findings with us. In his spare time, Danny is a thoughtful supplement and complimentary medicine enthusiast.  But no need to try and define who and what Danny is here and now.  I

25 11, 2011

There are still a few seats available for IMF’s pre-ASH Symposium in San Diego

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The IMF will be featuring a pre-ASH kick-off event the Friday evening before ASH in San Diego. I just checked with IMF officials who assured me there are still tickets available to this year's Satellite Symposium on Friday Evening.  Here is a link to the online registration page: I will be there covering the

22 11, 2011

My assignment at this year’s ASH meetings: Blogging for the IMF!

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Did I happen to mention that I will be doing freelance writing for the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) at this year's ASH meetings in San Diego? I'M VERY EXCITED! I will be covering a variety of presentations and events, including poster presentations, panel discussions and interviews with internationally recognized clinicians and researchers who are focused

21 11, 2011

Today is a fateful day… I learn how well my post-transplant consolidation therapy is working

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I'm heading-off to Moffitt Cancer Center first thing this am to meet with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa Alsina. My worsening M-protein test numbers--or M-spike--a few months following my autologous stem cell transplant were alarming.  Today I learn just how well my consolidation, post-SCT therapy using Revlimid, Velcade and dexamethasone is working. After five weeks

20 11, 2011

ASH PREVIEW: Does auto/mini-allo transplant combo hint at possible multiple myeloma cure?

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One of our regular readers, named Mark, forwarded me this exciting new abstract of a transplant study which will be presented at this year's ASH meetings in San Diego: Achievement of Sustained Molecular Remission Induces Long-Term Freedom From Disease After Autologous-Allogeneic Tandem Transplantation in Patients with Multiple Myeloma To make a long story short, here

14 11, 2011

The truth about statistics: It’s all how you spin them…

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Yesterday I defined and attempted to explain the difference between "time to disease progression" and "median life expectancy." I illustrated how sometimes statistics don't make sense. The truth about statistics is it is all how you spin them.  I can take a bunch of  stats and make them look hopeful or discouraging. Writers, researchers--and especially

13 11, 2011

TIP: Understanding the difference between “time to disease progression” and “median life expectancy”

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Time to disease progression and median life expectancy are the two primary measurements used to evaluate how well a new anti-myeloma therapy is working. Time to disease progression refers to how long it takes for a patient's multiple myeloma to return after they start using a therapy. Median life expectancy measures how long a patient

12 11, 2011

Blogger Bob Kirkpatrick explores the dark side of multiple myeloma


I would like to share excerpts with you from a blog titled Deludia. The myeloma patient who writes it is named Bob.  I read his site from time to time.  Bob's writing can be a bit dark at times.  This is understandable.  He has been battling a very aggressive form of multiple myeloma for a