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Blogger Bob Kirkpatrick explores the dark side of multiple myeloma

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Blogger Bob Kirkpatrick explores the dark side of multiple myeloma

I would like to share excerpts with you from a blog titled Deludia.

The myeloma patient who writes it is named Bob.  I read his site from time to time.  Bob’s writing can be a bit dark at times.  This is understandable.  He has been battling a very aggressive form of multiple myeloma for a number of years.

As a result of his multiple myeloma, Bob is unable to use a keyboard.  Here is a picture of him dictating this post…

A reader emailed me a link to Bob’s most resent blog post.  In it, he says some very nice things about me.  He also makes some cynical, yet valid points about myeloma therapy.  See what you think…


Views of a Multiple Myeloma victim

But is it true?

There are a few people in the Multiple Myeloma field that I know by virtue of their involvement in the illness, rather than some more personal level. These people find a spot in my heart and mind, probably because I can relate to their situations and my exposure to them had been a good one.  Pat Killingsworth, a fellow blogger and a feature writer at the Myeloma Beacon, is one of these people. This summer he underwent the physically draining and uncomfortable stem cell replacement process in hopes of defeating the cancer.  Sadly, the stem cell replacement didn’t work, and the treatment, in fact, made the multiple myeloma in him worse.

I relate to this; the same thing happened to me, although it was chemotherapy that ignited a rampage of the disease rather than stem cell replacement. But there is a truth in this and that is, fairly often, our attempts to defeat the disease make it worse instead. You don’t read a lot about the failure of medicine to help a class of the afflicted. One of the things I dislike very much about the field of medical writing for the mainstream is that it tends to hide the realities of cancers in favor of pumping positive tones into the conversations. It’s like telling a child not to worry, that everything will be just fine even though the house is on fire and the family pet is dead, everything will be okay in the end. It’s just plain wrong…

…I like Pat Killingsworth’s materials because the man does his best to offer his readers hope, but does it in a way that is honest and seeks to find the positive in the failure. Then again, I think it takes someone with Mutlitple Myeloma to write about the patients aspects of Multiple Myeloma. All others are merely guessing or imagining. That’s not to say that no one but a victim can have an opinion, it says that no one can deal with information about how patients feel better than the patients themselves…

Here is a LINK to Bob’s site.  There is a lot worth reading there, including a number of controversial statements that really make you think.  But be prepared for the unvarnished truth–Bob doesn’t pull any punches.

Hey Bob!  Feel good, keep smiling and please keep writing!  Pat