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It will be a wonderful Thanksgiving this year at the Killingsworth’s!

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It will be a wonderful Thanksgiving this year at the Killingsworth’s!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

I couldn’t resist including an image which includes a picture of Snoopy and Woodstock… Pattie loves Snoopy!

It will be a wonderful thanksgiving this year for us here in warm, beautiful Weeki Wachee, Florida!

Need proof?  Here are a just a few of the many comments and emails I have received since learning my RVD chemotherapy regimen is working:

Linda from North Carolina shared:

Your good news is yet another reason to give thanks for our many blessings! I do believe your Thanksgiving holiday will be a bit more enjoyable and have extra special meaning this year! Celebrating with you here in NC! Happy Thanksgiving!

Doug from Bend, Oregon wrote this:

Very good news on your numbers now are radically reduced.
I’m now day+33 and I’m doing pretty well; my counts are slowly rebuilding and some times they’re up & down at this point. I’m walking on our street and the common grass area with my snow shoe poles to steady myself and Jenny my wife at my side.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Mikie from Minnesota emailed me yesterday:

Hi Pat.     So happy you are doing so well and your numbers are falling… Even though I don’t always write unless I need you, I do follow you very closely and am so happy when things go well for you!

Leling wrote:

Wonderful news. So happy for you. Will keep praying. Keep on doing your good work in your special cheerful way.

This is truly an international “love fest!”  I’m not sure how many of you read the comments after some of my articles/posts.  But check these two out:

Margareta – Sweden

As I am following your blogg, having myeloma myself and going all right, I want you to know that I am very glad to hear your progress in fighting the illness.

I like that you want to share whats happens in your life with us and I am glad for your sake…

Nicola said:

Greetings from Italy!

So happy for you… I0m 32 y.o. and my numbers are increasing, but I’ve been in remission for 1 year.  Hope next control will be better also for me!

No word yet from my friends and readers in Australia and the UK.  But I have heard from a number of readers on the West Coast–that’s feels like it is part of a foreign country sometimes!

Fellow bloggers Nick and Ed from LA kept it short.

Nick shared:

GREAT NEWS, Pat!!!!! 

Ed wrote:

Happy to hear the good news. Can’t help but wonder how all of the treatment (RVD + Transplant) tie together. In any event, nice to see the arrow heading in the right direction.

How about Sandy from the Pacific Northwest:

See… prayers and intentions and medical creativity do work!! So glad to hear this news and tell Pattie to take it easy after her ordeal today… yuck. I’m continuing to intend gooder (is that a word?) health news for both of you and a happier Thanksgiving knowing that the Green Door has been pushed closed for awhile.

And there were many, many more.  For every public comment I get, I receive three or four additional emails.  To say I’m touched doesn’t begin to describe the emotional life hearing from you all gives me.  Sure makes it a lot easier to get up in the morning and get writing!

My favorite comments and emails are the ones where fellow patients and caregivers share their stories and relate them to mine.


Time and space won’t allow me to share them all.  You will find a few mixed-in with comments following “About Pat” posts.  But mostly they arrive by email–or even regular mail.

Thanks to all for reading and taking the time to share.  Pattie and I are deeply appreciative and love you all!

I know Thanksgiving is primarily an American, secular holiday.  Honestly, that is one of the things I like best about the day.  Everyone can celebrate Thanksgiving–no matter what their religion or political views.

Feel good and keep smiling, everyone!  Pat and Pattie