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THE BIG REVEAL: Oh my God! My left ear really is smaller…

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THE BIG REVEAL: Oh my God! My left ear really is smaller…

As instructed, I removed the bandages from my ear late yesterday.

My surgeon wasn’t kidding…  My left ear is noticeably smaller than my right!

In fact, it’s a lot smaller.  The incision looks clean and the work looks good.  There is a lot of swelling–and some bruising.

There is also a “notch” in the center of the ear.  And it sticks-out much farther than the original.

I spoke with Dr. Mosiello by phone.  He reassured me the swelling and runny discharge which is filling my ear–leaking-out in drips and drabs–is normal.  Dr. Mosiello  needed to remove more tissue than he originally had hoped.  And he reminded me how important it was to make sure that he got all of the cancer.

Last night I attended our local multiple myeloma support group meeting with my ear unbandaged.  (Is that a word?)  People were supportive, of course.  But walking back to the car, I noticed my shadow under one of the lights in the parking lot.  I could clearly see that my left ear was smaller–and clearly sticking-out farther than my right…

Oh my God!  It’s an “elf ear!”  I’ve got an elf’s ear!  Just in time for Christmas!

This is too funny!  I’m just glad that my hair is growing back quickly.  I’ll let it grow-out over my ears and hopefully no one will notice.

And even if they do, so what?  That’s what all of my friends and readers would tell me.  And you/they would be right.  I’ve got a lot bigger issues to deal with–like my M-protein results from Monday’s blood work.

Even right before Monday’s surgery, I must admit that I was preoccupied, thinking about my M-spike.   I have only been on RVD for four weeks.  But if my myeloma is going to respond, a month should be enough time to see some change.

Never a dull moment around here!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat