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Monthly Archives: December 2011

31 12, 2011

Millennium Pharmaceutical’s year in review

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I wanted to share some excerpts from a sort of "year in review" interview with Dr. Deborah Dunsire, CEO of Millennium Pharmaceuticals, makers of Velcade.  I found this article on a site called Mass High earlier this month: Millennium reports myeloma drug advances, updates drug recalls By Lori Valigra, Mass High Tech correspondent Cambridge: 

29 12, 2011

Dr. Paul Richardson reviews encouraging trial results from ASH

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Medscape Today has released an excellent written and video review of multiple myeloma-related news from ASH. Dr. Paul Richardson, well known myeloma specialist with Dana-Farber in Boston, kicks things off by reviewing results from several exciting new, experimental drugs that his research group are studying. MLN9708, an oral proteasome inhibitor, and marizomib, a particularly potent

28 12, 2011

News and views that you might have missed over the holiday…

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Last Wednesday, Californian Lori Puente stopped-in to visit our Nature Coast (Florida) Multiple Myeloma Support Group meeting and Christmas party. Her husband, Dave (the patient), was unable to attend because he was fighting a cold. Lori writes an excellent caregivers blog called Riding The Wave.  She is a tireless advocate for the UAMS/Arkansas myeloma treatment

23 12, 2011

As multiple myeloma patients live longer, secondary cancer risks need to be addressed…

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Yesterday I asked if this secondary cancer issue "is much to do about nothing, or something that concerns you enough to keep you up at night?" Based on the response, I have to conclude the answer is "NO!" I understand that this isn't a very pleasant topic to be discussing right before Christmas.  We can

22 12, 2011

Should multiple myeloma patients fear secondary cancer risk?

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The risk of developing a secondary cancer following years of ongoing treatment was a red-hot issue one year ago. Why?  A clinical study--presented at last year's ASH meetings in Orlando--showed multiple myeloma patients have an 8% risk of developing a secondary cancer if they use Revlimid maintenance following a stem cell transplant. The day following

21 12, 2011

Back to ASH: A bit of good news from Dana-Farber researchers working with salvage therapy

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I haven't written much about panobinostat , another new, combination drug lately. Here is a press release I saved from last week which was issued by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  I have highlighted several points that I think are important: Multiple Myeloma Treatment: Experimental drug combination encouraging in relapsed multiple myeloma  San Diego- When the

18 12, 2011

Data presented at the IMF’s Journalist Workshop takes me on an emotional roller-coaster ride (Part Three)

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If your read Friday's post about my emotional evening at the IMF's International Jounalist event last week, you will probably recall how my roller-coaster "crashed down" after hearing about an unexpectedly short, 8 month overall survival (OS) benefit from using pomalidomid and dexamethasone after patients became refractory to Revlimid and Velcade. Today let’s work to

16 12, 2011

Data presented at the IMF’s Journalist Workshop takes me on an emotional roller-coaster ride (Part Two)

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I left off yesterday, talking about how a promising Revlimid maintenance clinical trial that was otherwise tarnished by a lack of improvement in overall survival (OS) among patients in the study. I forgot to mention that Dr. Richardson chimed-in, supporting Revlimid maintenance. “A similar study using thal/dex in the U.S. did show a measurable survival

15 12, 2011

Data presented at the IMF’s Journalist Workshop takes me on an emotional roller-coaster ride

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Yesterday I set the stage for today’s report about research data which was featured at the International Myeloma Foundation’s Journalist Workshop Monday night. My original intention was to share a lot of specific data and facts--nothing but the facts. I plan to do just that--except for the “nothing but the facts” part.  Because I think

15 12, 2011

LLS support group event reminds me not to neglect the emotional side of living with cancer

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Fresh off the plane from ASH in San Diego, last night I attended a special support group dinner meeting/seminar, hosted by Lourdes Arvelo with the Tampa area Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. True, after traveling five days, I would have prefered to stay home and enjoy a quiet evening with my wife.  But the panel discussion