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A random act of kindness…

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A random act of kindness…

I flew home from Boston late last night.  I travel a lot, but usually forget to pack one thing or another.

This trip, the only thing I forgot to pack was a surgical mask.

I was disappointed on the flight north, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.  And since it has now been five months since my stem cell transplant, not wearing a mask on the plane probably wasn’t the end of the world.

Now fast forward to my flight home.  As I boarded the plane, I noticed a woman sitting in the front row was wearing a mask.  I asked her why.  “I had a heart transplant one year ago.” she replied.

“I wish I would have remembered to bring one along myself.” I said, noting my transplant this summer.

“Would you like one?”  She asked.  I was surprised and a bit taken aback by her offer.  “Really?  Sure!” I replied.

She quickly popped-up and removed an extra mask from her carry-on in the compartment directly above her seat.  The boarding line was moving slowly, so we didn’t even delay anyone behind me.

I thanked her and continued to be pushed along down the isle.  I never did get her name…

How kind!  And I’m glad I took her up on it, rather than politely declining as I would normally do–not wanting to inconvenience her or other boarding passengers.   Because it’s important that I stay as healthy as possible with next week’s trip to San Diego fast approaching.

So thank you, kind stranger!  How cool was that!

I will post the first article of a three part series about Wednesday’s media event tomorrow.

Until then, feel good and keep smiling!  Pat