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Check-out fun holiday pics at

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Check-out fun holiday pics at

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!

I understand that some of you are concerned that I focus too much on all things multiple myeloma.  Guilty as charged!

But I do have fun now and then.  Maybe I don’t share that side with you often enough.

So Surprise!  I have hobbies.  And believe it or not, Pattie and I had a life before–and even after–my multiple myeloma diagnosis.

Having both graduated from the University of Wisconsin, I have shared a bit with you in the past about how Pattie and I are die-hard UW Badger fans.  And of course we love our Green Bay Packers!

Pattie was diagnosed with cervical and uterine cancer at the young age of 34, before we were able to have children.  I’m not quite sure why we never adopted kids–she would have been such a wonderful mother.

But somehow, someway we started adopting animals instead.  Our furry family started-out with a Husky named Murphy and several stray cats–one of which had kittens–and we were on our way.

We somehow eventually ended up with as many as eight rescued sled dogs and even more cats, living together on 20 wooded acres in a crazy looking cedar-sided dome home up in far northern Wisconsin.

His and her dogsled teams–now doesn’t that sound fun?

But that was a lifetime ago–years before digital photography became available–or I would share some snap-shots with you.

All of our dogs have moved on to their next lives.  But we did rescue a five year old English pointer mix  a couple of years before we moved to Florida.  It’s ironic that our last and only dog isn’t a husky or husky mix like all of the others.

His name is Finnegan.

We nicknamed Finnegan our Island Dog.  He loves sunning by the pool, taking long walks and hanging-out at the beach.

Maybe it all worked-out for the best, since he doesn’t seem to mind the heat at all.  Our other dogs would have had a hard time adjusting down here!

The cats love the heat and sun.  They could be lounging in air conditioned luxury during the five or six really hot months.  Instead, they hang-out on the lanai, by the pool or in our hot garage with the screen doors that slide across the front so they can watch what’s going on around the neighborhood.

We call our six rescued cats our “Calypso Kitties.”

Of course, in my past life I was president of our local animal shelter.  And Pattie and I started a group called Critter Rescue back north, eventually building a shelter in a county that had none.

But that’s another story.

Today’s glimpse into our private lives all centers around Finnegan.

Last February, I started a blog (Big surprise, right?  It’s blog number five–but whose counting!) called is all about Finnegan and his adventures as he explores his exotic new world here in Florida.

Believe it or not, I only post once or twice a month on the site.  But you will find lots of fun pictures and a rare glimpse into how Pattie and I enjoy our free time.

Yesterday’s post features pictures from our Christmas Day pool party with some of Pattie’s extended family.  Check-it-out if you get a chance.

Back to myeloma related news tomorrow.  All of that can wait another day, right?

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat