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Today is “Myeloma Monday” at ASH

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Today is “Myeloma Monday” at ASH

Today was by far the most important day for multiple myeloma patients here at ASH.


No less than 30 multiple myeloma related oral sessions were presented here today.  And the poster session featured a dozen therapy related research posters–the most so far.

And as if I wasn’t busy enough, today was the last day to visit the exhibits in the main hall.

I was so busy that several times I was literally running (the best I can!) from place to place.  Fortunately, it isn’t like the research data I’m collecting is going to “spoil” if I don’t get it out to you right away.

So expect a flood of myeloma related news to be heading your way over the next ten days or so.

Tonight, I’m off to the Foreign Journalist Workshop at the Sheraton San Diego down on the waterfront.

This should be fun!  I expect to be interviewed by a number of reporters from overseas, complete with interpreters.  Then, I’m going to try and turn the tables on several of them by switching sides and interviewing the interviewers!

I will get you some of today’s results first thing tomorrow.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat