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Yearly Archives: 2012

29 12, 2012

Reality Check: How much longer might new therapies be expected to keep us alive?

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OK.  Let's get real.  Readers are asking, "How long will access to the new myeloma therapies featured at ASH help me live? Tricky question.  Answering is like trying to hit a moving target.  Complicating things are combination therapies.  Even after a new myeloma drug is approved, experts still won't know how combining the new drug

27 12, 2012

ARRY-520 and another pomalidomide study

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I haven't written much about ARRY-520, this year's rising myeloma star at ASH. ARRAY Biopharma is developing ARRY-520, a potent, selective KSP inhibitor; its mechanism of action is distinct from other drugs used to treat multiple myeloma.  I have written about it before and featured ARRY-520 a number of times on I attended an

25 12, 2012

Enjoy your holiday!

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Sorry today's post is so late.  Cleaning the house, pool and cooking for ten.  Good to see everyone, but I'm exhausted!  Young nieces and hard partying relatives will do that to you! In-between the racing and rushing around, I noticed that It's a Wonderful Life was on.  How can you not run across the classic

21 12, 2012

If researchers can catch a break, many of us will live longer–a lot longer

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Significant news on the immunotherapy front.  A small bio-pharmaceutical company, Gliknik, put out a press release yesterday about their immunomodulator, post SCT study results that were presented at last week at ASH. Two things of note.  First, this is another University of Pennsylvania hosted study.  If you recall, Penn researchers administered the risky, yet highly

20 12, 2012

Support Group Magic!


I was so excited to see Stillwater, Minnesota myeloma support group founders, Karl and Lorraine Vollstedt, and co-leader, Barb Davis, featured in a major news article in St. Paul, Minnesota's Pioneer Press newspaper.  The occasion:  The group's 100th consecutive monthly meeting! Before I get started, let me share an unrelated note.  Pattie helped me with

14 12, 2012

Medical Update: How I’m doing post-ASH

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ASH is the largest hematological conference in the world.  More myeloma related research results are published and presented at ASH than at any other time.  But most of the information there isn't time sensitive.  As I may have already mentioned, I can see progress being made.  But in small, incremental steps.  So I'm going to

13 12, 2012

Impatient readers? I LOVE IT!

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I love the fact that my email in-box is filling-up with notes from readers who are interested in specific poster and oral presentations from this year's ASH!  Many of those interested are either in a specific study, or have friends or family that are involved in one of these clinical trials. First, a confession.  Even