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Queasy stomach? Give ginger a try…

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Queasy stomach? Give ginger a try…

Recently, my stomach has been giving me trouble again.  Symptoms are eerily reminiscent of those I endured after I returned home a month or so after my transplant this summer.

I believe taking dexamethasone orally set me back.  Interesting, because I don’t recall dex bothering my stomach during the fourteen month stretch when I took it regularly following my diagnosis in 2007.

This weekend I forgot to bring any omeprazole magnesium along with me when I flew up to Charlotte to speak to the myeloma support group there.

Big mistake!  Not only was my stomach upset–making it hard to sleep Friday night–but my gut is still jumping around like crazy.

Like before, after-the-fact antacids don’t seem to help at all.  Being back on a regular schedule is already helping a bit.  But know what really seems to make a difference?  Ginger.

I know a number of you recommended using ginger-laced products while I was suffering post-transplant.   But I’m taking powder ginger root in capsules and I think it’s helping my nausea.

Coincidentally, I just ran an article on about how ginger reduces inflammation in the body and may even feature anti-cancer properties:

Ginger Root Study Proves It Reduces Inflammation. But Can It Prevent Cancer?

With Danny’s help, I have been sharing a number of nutritional and supplement related ideas with you the past week or so.

I found it interesting that an amount as small as 2 gm of ginger (4 500 mg capsules) can measurably reduce the amount of inflammation in a subject’s body.

That–plus the bonus that it helps settle my stomach–makes it a no-brainer for me to add to my supplement list.

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s cheap.  Not affordable–cheap!  Less than $4 for 100, 500 mg capsules at Walmart.

I wonder what the going rate on the black market is for 100 Revlimid capsules right now?  It probably costs more than $4 to pay to print the list of side-effects…

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat