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Monthly Archives: February 2012

29 02, 2012

Comments are encouraged–just be careful “out there”

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I love it when an article or post gets a lot of comments! And it's not just because comments let me know readers are "out there" paying attention. Sometimes I find that the exchange of information from those who comment is more insightful than the original post. And that's GREAT! Remember that my number one

28 02, 2012

New bone strengthening/anti-myeloma antibody begins Phase Two testing

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I have been following the progress of one of our patient readers who also lives in the Tampa area. Richard is getting ready to embark on an exciting ride:  He has been accepted into a clinical study which features an experimental monocolonal antibody called BHQ880. The study is designed to learn whether this newly developed

27 02, 2012

Lots of myeloma news from this weekend…

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Let me share some important myeloma related odds-and-ends from the past three or four days. First, remember my post following last week's 60 Minutes episode, Many Multiple Myeloma Patients Face Depression Apparently the segment caught the eye of a number of others in the medical field, too. Click-on the headline link below to read an

23 02, 2012

Diet and Multiple Myeloma (Part Seven): Post Stem Cell Transplant – Learning to Eat Anything

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After all of the deep and theoretical topics I have been writing about lately, it's nice to concentrate on something a bit more positive and practical. Here is the seventh installment of Danny Parker's Diet and Multiple Myeloma series: Diet and Multiple Myeloma (Part Seven):  Post Stem Cell Transplant - Learning to Eat Anything One

20 02, 2012

Many multiple myeloma patients face depression

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Did you happen to see 60 Minutes last night? The second story was about anti-depressant meds and how truly ineffective they are. It turns out that unless a patient is severely and clinically depressed, most medications don't work any better than sugar pills. The how and why isn't really why I'm writing about this today. 

18 02, 2012

Sneak peak into drug company exhibits at ASH

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Earlier in the week I promised to write a bit about the exhibit areas you find at ASH and ASCO events. With exhibit budgets often exceeding one million dollars, there are some pretty impressive displays. Members sign an agreement not to take any pictures in the exhibit hall.  I'm not sure why this is necessary. 

16 02, 2012

Medical Update: New hiccup threatens to disrupt Pat’s therapy

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Can't a guy catch a break? I received my Velcade sub-q injection yesterday--and I took my 10, 4 mg dexemethasone pills right before bed--officially kicking-off the next of two, six week RVD cycles. Well not exactly.  Actually, following a seven day break, I started taking 25 mg Revlimid capsules again Sunday night.  Sometimes my individual