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Check-it-out: Several of my Myeloma Beacon columns made their “Top Ten”

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Check-it-out: Several of my Myeloma Beacon columns made their “Top Ten”

This is sort of fun… Several of my columns made the Myeloma Beacon’s Top Ten List for 2011:

The Top Myeloma Beacon Patient And Caregiver Columns Of 2011

Over the course of 2011, multiple myeloma patients and caregivers graciously shared their personal experiences with myeloma in columns they wrote for The Beacon…

…As a service to its readers, The Myeloma Beacon has compiled a list of the columnist articles Beacon readers found most interesting during 2011.  If you sometimes feel like you are battling this disease alone, please read these columns.  It helps to know others have had similar experiences…

Pat’s Place by Pat Killingsworth

Pat Killingsworth was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April 2007 at the age of 51.  After relapsing in 2010, Pat underwent a stem cell transplant in mid-2011.  Unfortunately, the transplant did not put his cancer in remission.  Pat wrote a weekly column throughout most of 2011 and now writes monthly.

My Myeloma Therapy Is Working – But Not Without Significant Side Effects – In early December, Pat announced that his post-transplant therapy is working to lower his monoclonal protein level (M-spike).  He also shared the side effects of his treatment, including low blood cell counts, peripheral neuropathy, low blood oxygen levels, and more.

Anger Rises Among Some Multiple Myeloma Patients As They Await A Cure – In this column, Pat discussed people’s feelings toward the speed of advances in myeloma therapy.  While the approval of the novel agents several years ago was a significant step forward, many myeloma patients are still angry that only small, incremental steps are being made toward a cure.

Dealing With Peripheral Neuropathy – Pat described reasons why myeloma patients experience peripheral neuropathy (pain and tingling in the extremities caused by nerve damage), symptoms of neuropathy, and suggestions about how to deal with the condition.  Many myeloma patients shared additional tips in the comments section of the article.

You can CLICK HERE to read the “best of the rest” from my other co-patient and caregiver columnists.

I would like to thank my Editor, Julie, and other members of the Beacon staff for their help, patience and kind words.

Boy–looking at my picture–I need to replace that ten year old, pre-myeloma shot with one which better represents the tens of thousands of miles my body feels like it has traveled recently.

I look and feel like I’m aged a decade this past year alone!

But aging quickly or not, I’m still around.  I’ll take it!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat