For a number of reasons, late last year I cut-back my commitment at the Myeloma Beacon from writing a weekly column to contributing a column once a month.

My column for March ran yesterday, and focuses on the importance of getting a second opinion whenever your physician suggests that it’s time to make a major therapy change.  Here is a link to this month’s column:

Pat’s Place:  Why Should A Myeloma Patient Get A Second Opinion

I understand that I have been harping on this point lately.  No surprise I would write a column on the subject.

My editor, Julie Shilane, was a major contributor to this piece.  She agrees with my premise and added several points she felt were important.

Give it a look and see what you think.  I have a number of thoughts after-the-fact I will share with you tomorrow–I think you might be surprised as I spin this in a completely different direction.  I would love for you to also chime-in.

Until tomorrow, feel good and keep smiling!  Pat