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Technical odds ‘n ends

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Technical odds ‘n ends

I wanted to briefly discuss a few technically related issues.

Yesterday a close friend from back in Wisconsin, named Lisa, called and said she couldn’t access this blog.  Turns-out she works at a credit union which had recently updated their computer systems.

I suggested she try re-typing in the full into her browser and not rely on clicking on a saved address.  If that doesn’t work, she will check with her IT department and see if they can help.

But the point I wanted to make is this:  If you have technical issues and can’t get this–or any of our four other blogs–please let us know!  I work hard on this stuff and want to make sure it is as widely available as possible.

I noticed last week that instead of being underlined, headline links back to Myeloma Beacon articles feature a line running through the middle of the text.  I checked with a staffer at the Beacon and she couldn’t explain why.  But I wanted you to know the links still work.  Simply click on the lined title and you should be able to access the article.

Also, those of you who receive the blog by email, sometimes I edit an article (OK, I almost always edit and tweak a post after I run it) after you receive your e-copy.  I also understand pictures don’t always translate well and the format can get a bit “funky.”

That probably doesn’t matter, since content is mostly the same.  But you might want to go back and reference the actual site from time to time and see what everyone else sees–what I hope readers feel is a well produced, attractive and easy to read site.

And by the way, if any of you would ever like to contribute content or make suggestions for story ideas, please let me know.  This is your site, too!

Finally, our longest running site,, is currently under construction and unavailable.  If you go to HWC, all you will see is this sign,along with an an explanation that we are re-vamping the site and it will be back up and running soon.

It is taking longer than I had hoped to modify the format and upgrade the site like we did with this blog about six months ago. Our tech volunteer, Robb, works full time and can only do a bit at a time.

Like this blog, for almost three years Pattie and I posted nutritional and important cancer related news there each and every day.  I decided to cut-back a bit last year prior to my stem cell transplant.

We still ran articles and links to other helpful posts about supplements and living longer and better lives with cancer three or four times a week.

But we live in a world of change.  Can’t stop it, can we?  Might as well embrace change–which is what I did when Robb suggested we re-create the site, making it more sophisticated and easier to read.

Robb does an excellent job.  But working with volunteers can be challenging.  Still, the money we save can be donated or used for other things which help us help you become better informed patients.

Time to get back to work.  I promised to re-visit the second opinion issue from earlier this week.  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat