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Monthly Archives: April 2012

28 04, 2012

Velcade on the FDA’s Adverse Event list?

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I'll bet that no one else noticed this feature on Sokolove Law, LLC's website? FDA Watch List: Velcade 4/23/2012 Takeda Pharmaceuticals' Multiple myeloma medication Velcade (bortezomib) has found its way onto the Food and Drug Administration’s  “Adverse Event Reporting System” list for Q3 2011 because of a potential link between its usage and death when given

26 04, 2012

Diet and Multiple Myeloma: Healing Herbs: Parsley, Sage, Basil and Holy Basil (Part Two)

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What about sage and basil, the next recommendations? At risk of duplication, I’ll refer back to the column where we described the powerful effect of the ursolic acid in slowing myeloma.  I’ve already praised apples whose peels contain prodigious amounts of ursolic acid. Now, its time to give due to Sage and Basil that also

22 04, 2012

Another amazing story about a guy and his bike…

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Wasn't it fun and inspiring learning  about Andy Sninsky's crazy life on a bike yesterday? Andy's life with multiple myeloma has been challenging--and the way that he has responded has been uplifting. But just wait until you read about another friend of mine who's life did--and still does--center around riding his bike. Let me explain.

21 04, 2012

“Crazy Guy on a Bike” full of unexpected surprises

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Wednesday evening I attended my local multiple myeloma support group's monthly meeting. I soon learned that we had an unscheduled speaker:  Myeloma patient and cross-country cyclist Andy Sninsky. A citizen of both Austria and California, Andy was just finishing up a cycle ride of over 1300 miles from New Orleans to Jacksonville, Florida. Why?  "To

14 04, 2012

Another new myeloma antibody continues to impress…

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Here is some follow-up on a more well tested anti-myeloma antibody, Elotuzumab--the kind of therapy you will find featured in my new myeloma therapies book. A number of top myeloma experts, including Doctors Jakubowiak, Jagannath, Durie and Orlowski are big fans. This article is from an online trade publication called Elotuzumab Responses High in

12 04, 2012

Three exciting new anti-cancer therapies where researchers worked “outside the box”

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Yesterday I shared the exciting--if possibly a bit premature--news about the experimental immunotherapy drug, ImMucin. Today, I would like to alert you to another possible major breakthrough in across-the-board cancer therapy:  CD47. Although not specifically tested against multiple myeloma, this drug may some day help us--as well as thousands of other solid tumor cancer victims.