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A cautionary tale: The good, the bad and the ugly from our trip to Orlando (Part Three)

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A cautionary tale: The good, the bad and the ugly from our trip to Orlando (Part Three)


Good Morning!  Here’s how I ended yesterday’s travelogue about our weekend trip to Orlando’s Universal Resort:

Sunday morning I still felt poorly.  So bad, in fact, that we discussed not returning for the second day.  This is very unusual for me.  I can feel bad, but a bit of sleep or well-timed meal and I’m usually good to go.  So I must admit I was concerned.

But we had come all this way, we had these great VIP passes and the weather was warm and sunny.  Time to suck-it-up and join the family–even if we were a bit late.  Mistake number five?  Or had I learned from my mistakes the day before?

Tune-in tomorrow as I wrap all of this up–and share more of those “family slides” that sends everyone heading for the exits!

Was heading back to Universal for round two–even though I started the day feeling tired and under the weather–part of another cautionary tale?


I had learned a lot from Friday.  We slept in and had some breakfast.  Pattie and I were the last ones to arrive at the attractions.  We knew where to park and how to find our way around.

I had noticed the day before that security allowed you to walk right through if you didn’t have a bag.  So I stuffed my pockets full of raw nuts and dried berries to munch on–a healthy way to help keep my blood sugar up.

I only took one ride–the featured Wizarding World of Harry Potter aerial tour that I knew from yesterday wasn’t too jerky or had any jolting drops.  And most importantly, we stopped to rest often.

After meeting the family by the Dr. Seuss rides,

OK. It's still early. But I'm more excited than I look. Really!

we split-off from the kids, so Pattie and I were able to leisurely tour the park from an adult perspective.  We stopped to eat lunch a a whimsical Irish pub in the New York section of the original Universal park.  Our dog is named Finnegan, so where else could we go, right?

The day was warm and partly sunny–but not too warm.  I had planned ahead.  We took our time.  I actually felt stronger as the day went on.  It wasn’t long until it was after 5 PM and we decided to head back to Weeki Wachee.

I didn’t want to leave!  A vast improvement over the previous day.

We make one more stop by Margaritaville to get a shot of Pattie standing next to Jimmy Buffett’s old island-hopping plane.

It's Pattie's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Trish!

Pattie would have been fine with skipping it all and heading home.  But it was her birthday, and I felt she really wanted to stay.

I’m glad I took a chance to try again.  By taking advantage of what I had learned to do–and expecially not to do the day before–I was able to pull myself together and it all worked out just fine.

So never stop pushing and dreaming and trying new things.  Just don’t push past the point of no return.  Live and learn, Right?

I will leave you all with a classic shot of me and the famous, spinning Universal Globe as we left the park…

Thanks for indulging me and allowing us to share our family photos.  I will pass-along contact information about how you can reach Compassion Partners to apply for your own set of free passes sometime next week.  Just don’t forget snacks–and the sunscreen.  Lots of sunscreen.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat