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About My Cancer Store and facebook…

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About My Cancer Store and facebook…

Social media.  Can’t live with it–can’t live without it!

Just as a reminder, all proceeds from the sales of my books and other products in our slowly developing My Cancer Store go to help us keep doing what we do–keeping everyone updated on the latest and best ways to live a better life with multiple myeloma and other cancers.

My brilliant tech volunteer, Robb, has convinced me to start using facebook as a way to help get the word out.

I’ll be honest.  I don’t use facebook, except to post links back to my features and articles.  But he helped me create a My Cancer Store Wall, which has lots of fun pictures.  It also allows me to add commentary about key posts I write from this site and my fast improving–and I think innovative and a source of lots of great anti-cancer news and info– site.

That way you regular facebook users can follow what’s going on in one convenient spot.

OK, OK.  I’m coming around.  And although I hate the way businesses and groups get caught-up-in and shamelessly promote their facebook sites, I can see the advantages and wisdom of it all.

So click-on that LIKE button on our Wall and help us out.  And in return, I promise to start updating and adding informational value to the site.  Promise!

Who knows?  Maybe we can be the next Livestrong!  I’m no Lance Armstrong, but I’m trying!

And speaking of bikers, this weekend I will be featuring two incredibly inspirational stories about patients who express themselves using bikes.  One has even had a heart transplant!

Thanks for reading, everyone!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat