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Andy and Paul have inspired me to start bike riding again!

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Andy and Paul have inspired me to start bike riding again!

I haven’t ridden a bike for over twenty years.  TWENTY YEARS!

I rode a lot “back in the day.”  So what would make me consider taking-up bike riding again now?

Read my two articles/posts from this weekend and you may want to join me!

I know, I know–a lot of my readers don’t read my blog on the weekend–they catch-up on things when they get a chance at work on Monday or Tuesday.

That’s understandable.  But do me a favor.  Don’t ignore or skim my profiles of two exceptional myeloma survivors I wrote this weekend.  You will be glad that met these guys!

Two men who probably shouldn’t still be alive–let alone riding bikes through the countryside.

Yesterday I ended my post this way:

“If the stories I have shared with you the past two days haven’t moved and inspired you, then I haven’t done my job.  Knowing Andy and Paul have certainly inspired me!

So much so, I think I’m going to take up biking.  To heck with worrying about falling and injuring my already busted bones!  If these guys can do it, so can I!” 

I priced bicycles this afternoon.  A lot has changed since I last rode a skinny-tired bike in the late 80’s.  Most of the bikes I saw had fat, knobby tires.  Back then, a new type of bike had just been introduced to the market.  They were called mountain bikes.  Built super-strong–with thick, heavy frames and tires–these bikes were truly designed to ride up and down rocky, rugged trails.

But the bikes I saw today were  lighter and a bit sleeker–and the tires a bit more narrow then they were “in the old days.”  Hybrids of a sort, I guess.

And they were surprisingly affordable, too.

For me, the best part of this new design is how stable today’s bikes are.  Remembering how many holes I still have in my bones–caused by having multiple myeloma for years and not even knowing it–I’m convinced that if I’m careful, I can avoid falling and should be relatively safe.

It’s never too late to take-up a new sport, right?  Why not!  Just stay on the back roads and wear a helmet–something that definitely wasn’t cool in the 80’s.

So wish me luck!  Time to grab the Master Card, head to the store and then start peddling.

How exciting!  Thanks again for the inspiration, Andy and Paul!  Maybe I will pass you someday riding on the road…

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat