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Easter Sunday complications remind me what it might be like without sub-q Velcade

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Easter Sunday complications remind me what it might be like without sub-q Velcade

My friend, Richard, from our myeloma support group, is a big-time baseball fan.  He loves spring training, so he talked me into going to a game a couple of weeks ago in Dunedin, Florida.  It’s about an hour drive from my home.  The Toronto Blue Jays were playing the Minnesota Twins.  The park is very retro–a throwback to the days before most spring training ball parks had sky boxes.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.  A cool breeze helped keep us comfortable in our seats right behind the dugout.

Richard shot this picture of me on with the camera in his phone.  See!  I have some fun once in a while!  I even enjoyed a Molson beer during the 7th inning stretch.

I wrote about my experience that day in this month’s Myeloma Beacon column.  CLICK HERE to read all about it.

This next bit of news is anything but fun.  I received an unsettling  surprise on Sunday.

Last Thursday I wrote this post,

Proof sub-q Velcade really works better for me!

about how my nurse made a mistake and gave me Velcade by IV push instead of sub-q injection that week.

I paid for her mistake for several days with heightened peripheral neuropathy (PN) and some extra pain.

Things seemed to be settling down–that is until Sunday.

I woke-up stiff, and it grew progressively worse throughout the day.  So much muscle and bone pain I could barely stand-up straight.  Normally, a little extra oxycodone and/or Tylenol is all it takes to help me out.  But not Sunday!

We had Pattie’s family over for an Easter pool party.  It was a perfect day–except I felt more pain than I had since I fractured a vertebra back in 2007.

I don’t think anyone really knew–except for Pattie, of course.

After everyone left, I tried to rest.  But sitting only made things worse.  I was a bit distraught to tell you the truth.  What could be causing these symptoms that my pain meds couldn’t dampen or make go away?

Then I remembered Wednesday’s IV mix-up.  A perfect explanation.  I realized I was enduring the worst case of PN I had ever experienced!

How fortunate for me that the Millennium developed–and the FDA approved–this new sub-q application!  Taking Velcade “the old fashioned way” would have been difficult for me over the long run, especially now that I will need to use Velcade as one of my maintenance drugs.  Thank God for sub-q!

I felt quite a bit better today.  And yes, I am going to talk with the clinic administrator Wednesday to see if they can’t tighten things up to try and prevent something like this from happening to me or other patients again.

At least for me, that extreme PN seems to be reversible.  I can’t say the same for my Revlimid aggravated PN, which only improves slightly if I stop taking the it for a while.  And boy–do the 25 mg capsules really hit me hard!

As finely tuned as my anti PN drug and supplement mix may be, I think it’s time to try something new.  One more thing to add to my “doctor to do list” next month.  Maybe Lyrica?

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat