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Three exciting new anti-cancer therapies where researchers worked “outside the box”

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Three exciting new anti-cancer therapies where researchers worked “outside the box”

Yesterday I shared the exciting–if possibly a bit premature–news about the experimental immunotherapy drug, ImMucin.

Today, I would like to alert you to another possible major breakthrough in across-the-board cancer therapy:  CD47.

Although not specifically tested against multiple myeloma, this drug may some day help us–as well as thousands of other solid tumor cancer victims.

CD47 has become quite the mainstream media darling over the past two or three weeks.  I have run two comprehensive posts about it on our (HWC) site, complete with links to a variety of media reports about the new therapy:

CD47 may help chemotherapy work better


Exciting news about an antibody which slows the growth of breast, ovarian, colon, bladder, brain, liver and prostate cancers!


Here is an excerpt from a CBS News report which does a nice job of laying-out how and why CD47 works:

The treatment is a single antibody, which is a protein used by the immune system to destroy foreign cells, like bacteria or viruses. This antibody works by blocking a “protein signal” called CD47 that’s found on cancer cells. CD47 saves cancer cells from destruction by using a signal to stave off antibodies. The researchers say the antibody treatment appears to be safe and effective after testing it in mice.

Researchers may finally be making some real progress on the anti-cancer front!  Remember this new therapy, JQ1, which excited many of you enough to alert me in the same way back in September:

Researchers Hope Shutting-Down MYC May Be Key To Defeating Myeloma


At the time, I was pretty hard on JQ1.  I eventually softened my position, writing two additional articles about it.  An industry “insider” tells me research and funding for JQ1 is progressing right on schedule.  Great news!

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still quite skeptical about most new and untested therapies.  But all three of these new agents (ImMucin, CD47 and JQ1) represent “outside the box” thinking by researchers.

So why not be hopeful?  I AM!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat