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Monthly Archives: May 2012

30 05, 2012

Why isn’t ASCO’s PR machine working overtime this week?

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I need to be honest with you.  I am underwhelmed by multiple myeloma related news coming out of Chicago this week ahead of the American Society of Oncology (ASCO) meetings Friday. Most years my inbox would be flooded with press releases, touting when and where results from any number of different myeloma related studies can

26 05, 2012

EXCITING NEWS! I’m blogging weekly for the IMF!

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I'm excited and honored that the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) has selected me to be one of their featured bloggers in their new Myeloma Minute newsletter! Over 30,000 readers will be receiving the Myeloma Minute each week. Here are links to the first two blog posts I have written for them:   A Patient's Blog:

25 05, 2012

A reader shares his step by step decision to undergo a stem cell transplant (Part Two)

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Yesterday in Part One of my post, patient reader (and now contributor) Bill O'Halloran shared the first steps in his decision making process about whether to undergo an autologous stem cell transplant--or possibly two. Let's resume Bill's analytical journey as he examines the pros and cons of transplanting now or later: Autologous Stem Cell Transplant

24 05, 2012

A reader shares his step by step decision to undergo a stem cell transplant (Part One)

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Most multiple myeloma patients under the age of 75--or sometimes even older--are faced with fateful decisions of if and when to undergo a stem cell transplant. An autologous stem cell transplant (SCT) is still the standard of care for patients who are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. They have become surprisingly safe and reliable. 

23 05, 2012

Most everyone would get amyloidosis if they lived long enough!

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Remember Pete from Sunday?  His wife, Jane, has cardiac amyloidosis--one of many different types of amyloid related hematological disorders--closely related to multiple myeloma: Amyloidosis/multiple myeloma have a lot in common Well, I promised to start posting more amyloid related news.  I found this interesting article yesterday on a site called Extreme Longevity: Is Amyloidosis the

23 05, 2012

Sign petition to help speed FDA approval of breakthrough treatments!

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I recently wrote a pair of posts about a new FDA policy which is being considered to fast-track the evaluation and approval of breakthrough technologies on my site: New FDA breakthrough drug policy may speed patient access to new chemo drugs Help petition FDA to fast-track breakthrough medical technologies Patients with a wide variety

22 05, 2012

Death of a brother touches me deeply…

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Does multiple myeloma run in families?  Most experts say no. Tell that to the Martin family.  Reader Larry Martin emailed me a week ago to share that his younger brother, Lee, died April 30th from complications associated with his multiple myeloma. Larry wrote how his brother had been able to work and spend time with

21 05, 2012

Saturday dog rescue turns our weekend upside-down

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Saturday's dog rescue turned our weekend upside-down--and then right-side-up. Let me explain. I had been looking forward to a nice, quiet weekend at home with my wife, Pattie.   I hadn't been feeling well and she was having back/alignment issues which were restricting her activity and causing a lot of pain. So we started the day

20 05, 2012

Amyloidosis/multiple myeloma have a lot in common…

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We have a number readers who suffer from both multiple myeloma and/or several other hematological disorders, including amyloidosis and myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). Prognosis and treatment options are often eerily similar to multiple myeloma.  For example, Velcade, Revlimid and stem cell transplants are common therapies for a lot of amy and MDS patients as well. Recently

18 05, 2012

Rest in peace, myeloma heroes…

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I have been sitting on a number of obituaries and news stories about fellow myeloma patients who have passed-away recently. But these myeloma heroes deserve to be recognized! First, let me start with a personal friend... Michael "Mike" Olson, age 62, of Menomonie, WI died May 10, 2012 at home with his entire family by

17 05, 2012

Take the time to develop a “myeloma philosophy”

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Mixed-in with a lot of new research teasers from the upcoming ASCO meetings in Chicago, a number of significant and touching eulogies and several inspirational stories of myeloma warriors like you and me, I thought I would share some thoughts from readers about myeloma philosophy. Not just a treatment philosophy--although that's a big part of

16 05, 2012

Looks like carfilzomib has a trade name: Kyprolis

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Trade names normally aren't established and trademarked until after FDA preliminary approval of a drug.  Looks like our friends at Onyx are pretty confident that the FDA will step-up and quickly approve carfilzomib for relapsed/refractory myeloma patients. Keeping that in mind, here is the upcoming trial data presentation schedule for carfilzomib at next month's ASCO

14 05, 2012

It’s going to be a busy week!

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Today is a travel day.   The first day of a very busy week. There is so much new info to share with you!  New ways to chip-away at pain management issues, inspirational stories about our fellow myeloma survivors  and lots of news about the upcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meetings in Chicago.  There