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EXCITING NEWS! I’m blogging weekly for the IMF!

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EXCITING NEWS! I’m blogging weekly for the IMF!

I’m excited and honored that the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) has selected me to be one of their featured bloggers in their new Myeloma Minute newsletter!

Over 30,000 readers will be receiving the Myeloma Minute each week.

Here are links to the first two blog posts I have written for them:


A Patient’s Blog: Time to Change the Rules for Treatment Plans?


A Patient’s Blog: Figuring Out a Maintenance Strategy


If you get a chance to take a look at each post, you may notice that two different pictures are used.  I submitted the first.  But the IMF’s Robin Tuohy and my editor, Debbie, decided that they liked the second picture better.

It was taken by Robin last December, following the Foreign Journalists Workshop and press event at ASH in San Diego.

I like it too.  My hair was just starting to grow back after the previous summer’s stem cell transplant.  And if you look closely, you will notice what I call my “elf ear.”

Yep.  Check-out my left ear (right side of the portrait).  It is about 30% smaller than the other.  And it’s also pulled forward–all as a result of my melanoma removal surgery last October.

Am I OK with that?  Sure!  At the time, I remembering telling the surgeon that I didn’t care how my ear would look and to go ahead and “cut the thing off!”  I was still down and reacting to news my stem cell transplant not only hadn’t worked–but it had made my myeloma worse!

NOTE:  You really need to read carefully when I’m using “myeloma and “melanoma” together in the same piece, don’t you?  I have always thought it all sounded so ironically lyrical;  myeloma/melanoma…  Guess if you are going to get a secondary cancer, it might as well be fun to write about!

Even though I will be blogging for the IMF each and every week, my blog won’t always be featured on the cover of the Myeloma Minute.  But if it isn’t there, you can find it by going to the IMF’s website:, hovering over the “blogs” button near the upper right side of the IMF’s homepage and then clicking-on the first drop-down tab, “Myeloma Voices.”  You can find my work there anytime.

Yes!  I am still going to be writing my monthly column for the Myeloma Beacon–and blogging daily on this site and

And Yes!  I’m still working on my third book about new myeloma therapies and fourth book about ways to help us pay for all of our myeloma-related care and travel.

I’m writing for the IMF in my “spare time!”

I hope you get the opportunity to share time this Memorial Day weekend to spend with friends and family–hopefully relatively pain and side-effect free!

Pattie and I are going to spend a quiet weekend together, cleaning the garage, power washing the pool deck and working around the yard.  I never thought I would enjoy doing chores that I would have found so tedious in my “former life.”

HEY!  It’s just great to be alive and to be able to do some of these simple things that others take for granted.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat