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Monthly Archives: July 2012

30 07, 2012

IMF Support Group Leaders Summit – Dallas, Texas (Part Three)

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Sunday morning featured a wide array of medical and practical information--sort of a “shot gun” approach.  I used a similar style in yesterday’s post about the Support Group Leaders‘ Summit in Dallas. So here are some important points that a variety of speakers made Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday morning; including the long awaited hint

28 07, 2012

IMF Support Group Leaders’ Summit – Dallas, Texas (Part One)

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The IMF staff tries to do so much on  these annual group leader weekends. Medical information, ways to help facilitate groups more effectively, sharing and caring exercises. It's exciting, but a lot to cover in a few short days. And it can get a bit frustrating, too.  We are staying at the beautiful Four Seasons

27 07, 2012

Support group shout-out!

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I never had a chance to thank the support group hosts from my trip to Los Angeles last weekend. Barbara Campbell, founder and leader of the El Segundo, California support group, was gracious and very knowledgeable.   We all sat in a circle and talked about our multiple myeloma experiences.  What a great group!  Only one

23 07, 2012

Manage your expectations about Kyprolis approval

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This weekend, I heard from a number of patients that were excited about the sudden availability of carfilzomib (trade name Kyprolis) as soon as next month. Several wanted to drop their ongoing therapies using Velcade and/or Revlimid and switch to the new therapy. When I asked why, several eagerly shared how they hoped Kyprolis would

21 07, 2012

How do I know the Kyprolis story is BIG NEWS? Mom called!

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Yes.  FDA approval of Onyx Pharmaceutical's new anti-myeloma drug,carfilzomib (trade name Kyprolis), is news.  Big news.  But let's remember why. Kyprolis is the first myeloma therapy approved by the FDA in six years. Surprised?  I was!  I learned about this while researching my new book, New Multiple Myeloma Therapies from a Patient's Perspective.  Considering all

19 07, 2012

“How do I feel?” Depends on the day!

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A reader emailed me and asked, "How do you feel?"  My response: "It depends on the day." I started writing this piece Wednesday evening.  All things considered, it could always be a lot worse!  But Wednesday's are infusion day.  Velcade, Revlimid and dexamethasone, all rolled-into one fun-fulled night. It starts with my sub-q Velcade injection

18 07, 2012

The Spice: Curcumin and Myeloma (Part Two)

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Here is the second part of Danny Parker's timely and important two part series about the anti-myeloma super supplement, curcumin: The Spice: Curcumin and Myeloma (Part Two) In previous columns, I have emphasized the need to carefully consider any supplements you might take with myeloma and conventional treatments--and for good reason. As I hope I’ve