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Monthly Archives: September 2012

25 09, 2012

Is it “all about the money?” Depends how you spin it…

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In case you missed it, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set a date for an advisory committee meeting to review the company’s application for approval of pomalidomide:  November 8th of this year. The agency is expected to make a decision about pomalidomide’s (New trade name, Actimid) application sometime early in February, 2013. Pomalidomide

24 09, 2012

Register For Myeloma CureTalk Panel Discussion tomorrow!

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I have gladly volunteered to become part of an online experiment of sorts. Priya Menon, Scientific Media Editor at CureTalk, has invited me to be part of an ongoing series of call-in panel discussions, featuring top myeloma experts, bloggers and activists. The first program aired a few weeks back.  It featured Dr. Vij Raj, and

22 09, 2012

Canadian myeloma community join together in awareness effort

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Here's a "shout-out" to our friends north of the border.  Isn't this cool? Myeloma Canada says patients, families and friends unite across Canada in September to raise awareness of myeloma, and highlight the important advances being made in treatment --11 Communities across Canada to Take Part in Multiple Myeloma Marches during Blood Cancer Awareness Month--

21 09, 2012

Traveling with multiple myeloma (Part Four)

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Here are more travel tips and suggestions from me and my readers: *Are there any non-stop flights anymore?  A while back I flew non-stop to Charlotte from Tampa.  That doesn’t really count, since most U.S. Air flights from the Southeast head-up to Charlotte first.  Anyway, the flight was running late and two of the flight

20 09, 2012

Traveling with multiple myeloma (Part Three)

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So far I have focused on the "big picture."  Lets switch gears and allow me to pass-along some specific travel tips that readers have shared with me over the years. A year or so ago I wrote a column for the Myeloma Beacon titled, Pat’s Place:  Flying The “Formerly Friendly Skies” With Multiple Myeloma.  Here

19 09, 2012

Traveling with multiple myeloma (Part Two)

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  I closed Monday’s post this way: “Taking things to the next level, timing is everything for a multiple myeloma patient who is undergoing treatment when they would like to travel.  Whenever possible, I try to anticipate my trips and time my chemotherapy cycles as best I can.”   Keeping up with one’s supplement and

18 09, 2012

Help for patients using Thalomid, Revlimid or pomalidomide from Celgene

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Anything that helps patients navigate their way through the myeloma maze sounds like a good idea to me! Celgene announces new Fast-Track Program Celgene Pharmaceuticals has developed a new program called Fast Track for First Prescription™ to help eligible patients receive their first prescriptions for a Celgene product as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fast

17 09, 2012

Traveling with multiple myeloma (Part One)

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This four part series isn’t about me.  OK--a lot of it is about me.  But I’m only using my experiences to help illustrate ways that you can travel more safely.  It’s the same style that I use in my books; examining our lives living with multiple myeloma from patient’s perspective. So let’s get started. This

16 09, 2012

Have myeloma docs been too quick to dismiss option of using allo (donor) stem cell transplants as initial therapy?

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Allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplants aren't used much in multiple myeloma patients anymore.  And when they are, it is most often as a salvage therapy "hail Mary" type last resort that usually doesn't work very well. However, several of our regular readers have had good luck whith allos when used up-front as an early therapy.

15 09, 2012

Multiple Myeloma News & Notes

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The Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC) sent me a press release, touting the fact that, "The MMRC has opened more than 40 Phase I and Phase II clinical trials of both novel compounds and combination approaches that are thought to be active against high-priority targets." Impressive!  The group has backed studies involving elotuzumab, Millennium's oral

13 09, 2012

Don’t forget the parsley!

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Last April I ran a pair of posts about the benefits of certain herbs--especially parsley and basil--for multiple myeloma patients: Diet and Multiple Myeloma: Healing Herbs: Parsley, Sage, Basil and Holy Basil   Diet and Multiple Myeloma: Healing Herbs: Parsley, Sage, Basil and Holy Basil (Part Two)   I would like to share some follow-up

12 09, 2012

Early lab results look promising for patients refractory to Velcade

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Our old friend, Dr. Kenneth Anderson, is at it again!  Check-out excerpts from Dana Farber's website about an experimental anti-myeloma molecule, P5091: Molecule shows effectiveness against drug-resistant myeloma Posted On: September 10, 2012 BOSTON––A molecule that targets the cell's machinery for breaking down unneeded proteins can kill multiple myeloma cancer cells resistant to the frontline

11 09, 2012

Barbara “Boogie Barb” Hammack remembered

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Eleven years ago today, America lost over 3000 of our citizens in a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York.  I thought that this would be a good opportunity to memorialize one of our own. Two weeks ago, the multiple myeloma community lost one of our long-lived heroes.  Barbara Hammack--best known as