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Cure vs Control broadcast link and a medical update

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Cure vs Control broadcast link and a medical update

While laying in a feverish stupor yesterday, I realized that I never posted a link to last month’s Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast that I hosted, Cure vs Control. It’s a bit rough, but it might be worth a listen on a rainy day:

Listen HERE! To the Myeloma Cure Panel discussion with Pat Killingsworth on Myeloma Cure versus Control

What might have once fueled heated exchanges between myeloma experts has now softened a bit.  University of Arkansas Medical Sciences (UAMS) has started easing-up on their carpet bombing, hit the myeloma so hard that patients glow in the dark approach, while institutions like Mayo Clinic and Dana-Farber’s more conservative, incremental approach (using one drug until it stops working, then moving on to the next drug) has also been modified to include combination therapies.

Not familiar with all of this?  Then listen to three UAMS patients triple-team me as we sort through some of these hot-button issues.


My fever has broken and I’m feeling much better.  Still dealing with a lot of chest congestion, a raspy cough and very sore throat.  What might only be annoying inconveniences–take some Nyquil, a hot shower in the morning and pack the tissues–can become a serious and even life-threatening adventure.

So no worries!  I just hope that you don’t get what I’ve got.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat