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Is pomalidomide the salvage therapy of the future?

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Is pomalidomide the salvage therapy of the future?

I’ll see your Kyprolis and raise you two pomalidomides!

Last week I featured encouraging Kyprolis numbers when combined with other myeloma therapies.  Today I want to focus on a Phase I/II trial of carfilzomib and pomalidomide with dex (car-pom-D) in relapsed patients that looks very promising.

As you may know, Celgene’s pomalidomide’s trade name is going to be Actimid.  But it hasn’t caught on yet.  So pom it is!

The study criteria:  Patients were relapsed and refractory to Revlimid  All but two patients from this small study were also refractory to Velcade, too.  Most had also had a transplant.

Side effects look to be about what one would expect.   Some neuropathy and GI issues.

Is this the salvage therapy of the future?  Possibly.  Car-Pom-D had an overall response rate of 50%.  There was also an overall survival (OS) of 90% after one year.

During a panel discussion of world renown myeloma experts Monday evening, Dr. Paul Richardson of Dana-Farber wanted to temper excitement over using pomalidomide in newly diagnosed patients.  He felt that physicians need to keep a powerful drug in the bullpen for when a patient relapses.  And he specifically referred to pom as that drug.

I often remind patients to remember that they are not statistics.  But when the odds are in our favor, GO FOR IT!  Between Kyprolis and pom, the odds say one and/or the other should work in those of us that are experiencing the despair of knowing that our once successful, primary myeloma therapy is starting to fail.

Never hurts to sprinkle-in a little hope, right?

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat