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Medical Update: How I’m doing post-ASH

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Medical Update: How I’m doing post-ASH

ASH is the largest hematological conference in the world.  More myeloma related research results are published and presented at ASH than at any other time.  But most of the information there isn’t time sensitive.  As I may have already mentioned, I can see progress being made.  But in small, incremental steps.  So I’m going to be posting my notes from this year’s ASH in dips and drabs over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I wanted to share an update about how I’m doing.  I know many of you worry about me–you are all so kind!  And it does help me keep going on days like today; lots of extra bone pain and muscle pain today.  And I’m really dragging.

Yesterday was what I like to call my “quadruple witching day.”  I borrowed the phrase from the financial world.  “Triple witching day” refers to the last Friday of a quarter when all of the stock options and financial futures expire.  These days drive investors NUTS, because they can never predict which way prices are going to go–up or down.

That’s how I felt yesterday on my once quarterly quadruple witching day.  That’s the day my nurses add a Zometa infusion to my weekly combo of Revlimid, Velcade and dexamethasone (RVD).  Fun!

I’m only dosed every three months with Zometa because I have been on bisphosphonates regularly for the better part of six years.  I never know what to expect following my infusion.  Usually I feel fluish that evening.  Sometimes I’m sore and dragging the next day, too; and sometimes it isn’t much worse than any other morning.  That’s why it’s like a triple witching day.  I never know what to expect.

So how do I feel today?  Let’s just say it could be worse–considering that I’m also recovering from the rigors of ASH.

My blood counts weren’t so bad this week.  My white count was back-up to 3.1.  More specifically, my ANC count was all the way up to 2.0.  Not bad as I near the end of this months Revlimid cycle.  My platelets continue to hover around 100.  But it could be a lot worse!

I didn’t get anywhere near enough sleep while I was away.  It’s hard enough to sleep on thre road, but for some reason my nighttime cramping was worse than I can remember in Atlanta.  I found a nearby Publix grocery store and bought some diet tonic water with quinine.  Didn’t help.  Even L-Lycine didn’t do the trick.

Must be home cooking, because I slept like a baby once I arrived home.

I don’t get a chance to thank all my good friends and readers for your support and suggestions often enough.  I couldn’t do what I do without your help!

Back to ASH news tomorrow.  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat