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Cure Talk helps keep patients informed

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Cure Talk helps keep patients informed

Last year my good friends at Cure Talk started a webcast series featuring the “Myeloma Cure Panel.”  I had the good fortune of being selected to participate as a member of that group, and asked to host a panel discussion last fall.

January’s webcast will feature a pair of well-known myeloma experts:  Dr. Shaji Kumar of Mayo Clinic and Dr. Edward Faber, a professor of hematology/oncology from Nebraska.  But before I post this month’s itinerary, I wanted to share some information about Cure Talk.

Cure Talk’s Priya Menon was kind enough to pass-along a write-up about the group:

Cure TalkCureTalk was started as the blog site of TrialX and aimed at writing about new treatments with a focus on clinical trials. TrialX was co-founded by Sharib Khan and Chintan Patel. While Chintan is the technical head of TrialX, Sharib is the strategy and direction head. Both Sharib and Chintan are based in New York.

PriyaCureTalk has a team in India too, where I’m based. I  joined CureTalk in March 2012 and am now the Scientific Media Editor.  I run things with support and direction from Sharib and Chintan. (

The idea behind CureTalk was to write about medical research and provide information about clinical trials. The blog now has articles on the latest medical research, including myeloma, other cancers, mental health disorders and chronic diseases. We conduct patient and expert interviews with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge worldwide.

The Cure Panel Talk Show is our latest initiative aimed at bringing researchers closer to patients for a discussion on latest treatments.

I feature a TrialX widget in a box on the right side of my homepage that is designed to help myeloma patients locate clinical trials nationwide.  How exciting to be a part of an international collaboration like this!

We are fortunate that myeloma has become one of the primary focal point of Cure Talk.   Priya does a fabulous job keeping us all organized and updated.  But all I really care about is that the Myeloma Cure Panel helps us get information out to our fellow patients and caregivers that is much more in-depth than one would traditionally find in the media.

“In-depth?”  Here’s an example.  Take a look at this month’s panel agenda:

Dr. Kumar:

–          IMiD/proteasome inhibitors

–          Combination of these drugs and maintenance

–          New drug aspects

Dr. Faber:

–          Bon Orlowski’s data with KSP inhibitor

–          Daratumumab (cd38 antibody) results

–          BTK inhibitors

–          BAFF-1 inhibitor

–          Quick points on:

o   Escalating R after relapse from MPR-R

o   Thalidomide/lenalidomide combination data

o   Potential usefulness of cereblon

The docs and our panel will have an hour to spend discussing research and therapies that are rarely accessible by patients.

Something unique about these broadcasts:  although only 50 people are allowed to listen-in and possibly ask questions live, a link to the broadcast will be available to all the morning after the event.

If you would like to be one of the live participants, click-on the registration link below and sign-up today:

Register Here For January Myeloma Cure Panel Talk Show With Dr. Shaji K Kumar from Mayo Clinic and Dr. Edward A Faber from University of Nebraska Medical Center

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat