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Monthly Archives: January 2013

9 01, 2013

Convincing evidence that drinking soda isn’t good for myeloma patients

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Danny Parker has been forwarding me information about how bad drinking soda is for me ever since he saw me drinking a Diet Coke the last time we met.  So Danny, this expose' I just posted about the evils of soda pop on was written for you, good friend: More damning evidence against NutraSweet?

8 01, 2013

POMALYST? What happened to Actimid?

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I emailed my Celgene contact, Greg Geissman, last evening after learning that pomalidomide's trade name would be POMALYST.  My question:  What happened to the anticipated trade name, Actimid? Actimid, wow, blast from the past, I think we stopped using that proposed name a few years back. We had been simply going by the generic name

7 01, 2013

Pat’s medical “State of the Union” for 2013

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Two weeks ago I referenced a visit I had with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa Alsina at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.  But I never followed-up with any details.  The President makes a State of the Union speech each year in January.  Without nearly as much pomp and circumstance, here's an update on my current

6 01, 2013

Amyloidosis research picking-up steam

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Before shifting our focus to amyloidosis, I wanted to remind you that I have updated my December 28th post, in which I project how much longer a myeloma patient can expect to live once he or she has access to Kyprolis, pomalidomide and MLN9708.  You may want to revisit that one. There was quite a

2 01, 2013

First post about our Rose Bowl experience

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OK.  I was too exhausted to post about our Rose Bowl experience last night.  It was an amazing day! Yes, I'm disappointed Stanford won a very close game--the third consecutive close game Wisconsin has lost at the Rose Bowl.  And yes, I can't remember the last time I walked this much!  Many, many, many miles;

1 01, 2013


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6 am and heading-out to get a spot for Rose Bowl Parade.  I will share details about our long and epic day late this evening. ON WISCONSIN!  GO BADGERS! Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat