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We all help each other when we share our stories

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We all help each other when we share our stories

The past ten days or so have been like a whirlwind here at MMB.  My health has been in-flux.  One week I react to my meds one way, the next week another.  But that’s not what I’m pinpointing here.  At the center of a wonderful storm is the mysterious Myeloma Cinderella herself, suzierose.

Her empathy and prolific ways in which she answers questions and interacts with readers has increased the number of comments on my blog exponentially.  I love the dialog–the back and forth, give and take she seems to inspire.  Yet she remains a mystery.

We know that she was diagnosed as a high-risk multiple myeloma patient in 20011 and has a background in pharmaceuticals.  But what about her personal life?

In contrast to her uninhibited writing style while delving into the world of myeloma research and therapy, suzierose has been reluctant to share much about her personal life; until now.

It wasn’t easy, but I can tell you she has been married for over 30 years and has two children.  I also finally coaxed an authentic picture of her and her husband, D’Jango:


I will run this weekend’s Myeloma Cinderella column tomorrow.  In the meantime, the floodgates have opened!  With the help of her son, suzierose has started a blog at  There she shares details about her life and how an uninvited guest has changed it forever.

What I didn’t realize is I was part of the early narrative.  Apparently suzierose read my first book soon after she was diagnosed.  I’m glad I could help then–and that we found each other now.  I enjoy the way she problem solves and tries to reason the unreasonable:  multiple myeloma.  Here’s an excerpt from one of her brand new webpages:


…Emotions lead to less than rational decisions when having to make choices.  So, I focus on the data, analysis and not listening to the status quo. Which leads me to how I ‘know’ Pat.

While, Pat, has said that he has known me for a ‘long’ time,  the truth is I have known Pat Killingsworth, since the day I set foot in the Oncologist’s office. Just walking in the door that said Cancer Center, for the first time,  made my stomach flip-flop, brain seize and soul quake. Complete trepidation. I closed my eyes and recited the Lord’s Prayer riding up the elevator. Faith,assuredly, conquers fear. Once there, I had to wait awhile and being the avid reader I am, I picked up this  book right off the oncologists bookshelf.

Yep, it was Pat’s, Living With Multiple Myeloma book.  Was I ever glad I did. His book enabled me to know what questions to ask and what was important. I learned what tests to prioritize and why.I was so glad, someone had provided that.  The book made a big difference for me, it calmed me down and focused me with questions, since my mind was emotionally a hot mess. Reading a book had always calmed me and this was the best one at the perfect time. Prayer answered.

Thank you Pat for having written that book!!

WOW!  Thank you, suzierose!  Listen, I can’t imagine a more gratifying testimonial to the old adage; making lemonade our of lemons.  Lots and lots of lemons!

I can’t begin to name the hundreds of helpful and inspirational people I’ve met on my myeloma journey.  Its so nice to be singled-out like that, validating the work I’ve done.

Just remember, every time you share a comment or tip online, answer a question on the myeloma List/Serve, drive someone to a medical appointment, speak kindly to the person next to you in the infusion room or counsel a newly diagnosed patient, you are doing the same–and reassuring them that they aren’t alone.  And that’s pretty special!

Fortunately, Myeloma Cinderella promises to continue her new weekend column here, too.  You go, girl!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat