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Monthly Archives: February 2013

28 02, 2013

RESEARCH NEWS: Path to safer, more effective SCTs discovered

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I tend to stay away from technical, preclinical science here at MMB.  Focusing on therapies that are doing well in human studies is one thing.  But lab studies in a test tube or mice?  A bit abstract for me--and I'm guessing many of you, too.  But I think this research is different.  Let me introduce

27 02, 2013

Cure Talk support group webcast debuts Thursday

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I will be hosting this month's Myeloma Cure Panel webcast tomorrow evening at 6 PM Eastern time.  The broadcast will focus on questions you have about how best to withstand the seemingly endless assault of multiple myeloma--and myeloma therapy--on our quality of life. Cure Talk sponsors these broadcasts.  Click-on the headline link below to read

25 02, 2013

Patient Snapshot: 21 year survivor, Jim Bond (Part One)

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I first heard Jim Bond's myeloma story four years ago.  I met Jim and his wonderful wife, Kathleen, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  We had volunteered to help Millennium Pharmaceuticals start a patient advisory board.  As we got to know each other in-between meetings, I learned that Jim was a sixteen year survivor, from Shaker Heights, Ohio,

24 02, 2013

Thoughtful discussion among experts about myeloma therapy options

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One of Andrew Schorr's better clips featuring Dr. Craig Hofmeister, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Dr. Sagar Lonial, Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, discussing different myeloma therapies including stem cell transplants, non-transplants, targeted and combination therapies: Transplant or Targeted Therapy: What's the Mainstay for Treatment in Multiple Myeloma?          

22 02, 2013

Patient Snapshot: Richard’s stem cell transplant – Day 10

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Today I would like to give a shout-out to my good friend and the inspiration for my 4th book, Richard "Radar" Blustein.  Richard checked-in to Moffitt Cancer Center February 11th to undergo his first stem cell transplant.  While I was merrily celebrating my birthday, Richard was having a catheter surgically implanted in his chest so

21 02, 2013

The facts are in: NutraSweet® and Equal® are really, really bad for us!

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It's official: I have kicked my daily Diet Coke habit.  Why bother--especially since I was only drinking one or two cans a day?  Haven't you been paying attention?  Remember this post from a month ago: Convincing evidence that drinking soda isn’t good for myeloma patients   IMF Medical Director, Dr. Brian Durie, came-out forcefully against

18 02, 2013

Total Therapy Demystified (Part Two)

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Today Nick break's Total Therapy (TT) down into distinct segements; induction, transplants, consolidation and maintenance. Total Therapy Demystified (Part Two) Multiple myeloma survivor and Total Therapy Patient Nick van Dyk PHASE ONE:  INDUCTION In traditional conservative treatment approaches, induction refers to the use of one or more agents to reduce disease burden before a transplant.

17 02, 2013

Total Therapy Demystified (Part One)

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For someone that isn't a doctor, I know a lot about myeloma therapies.  Not so much about the science of how they work, but the timing of it all--when best to use them and ways to help minimize side effects.  But I still have a lot to learn about one specific treatment philosophy: Total Therapy.

15 02, 2013

New study pinpoints Velcade as drug of choice for high risk myeloma patients

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Our good friend and nutritional columnist, Danny Parker, is excited about a new study released last week in the Journal of the American Society of Hematology:  Improving overall survival and overcoming adverse prognosis in the treatment of cytogenetically high-risk multiple myeloma. Danny is considered a high risk patient, so I understand why this comprehensive study

12 02, 2013

Patient Snapshot: Mark from Ohio

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Thank you for all of your awesome comments, emails and facebook birthday greetings yesterday!  Late last night I wrote this before heading to bed: So many great friends! The bond between fellow myeloma survivors, their families and caregivers can be amazing! When my head hits the pillow 10 minutes from now, I will rest easy

11 02, 2013

I’m 57 today–never thought I’d make it!


Birthdays and anniversaries help all of us mark the passing of time, and myeloma survivors are no exception.  But those of us battling multiple myeloma have our own unique set of dates to remember: the day we were diagnosed, the day we achieved our first remission and for many of us our stem cell transplant

9 02, 2013

Everything you always wanted to know about POM but were afraid to ask…

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The internet is flooded with excitement following the FDA's limited approval of celgene's newest IMiD, pomalidomide (trade name, POMALYST).  POM is an analogue of thalidomide (trade name, Thalomid).  Researchers actually developed POM before Revlimid, but sat on it for a decade--choosing to intensify clinical study activity recently, culminating in yesterday's FDA approval. I'm going to