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Cure Talk support group webcast debuts Thursday

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Cure Talk support group webcast debuts Thursday

I will be hosting this month’s Myeloma Cure Panel webcast tomorrow evening at 6 PM Eastern time.  The broadcast will focus on questions you have about how best to withstand the seemingly endless assault of multiple myeloma–and myeloma therapy–on our quality of life.

Cure Talk sponsors these broadcasts.  Click-on the headline link below to read bios about me and my fellow panelists:


Meet Our February Myeloma Cure Panelists: Pat Killingsworth, Gary Petersen, Nick van Dyk and Sandy Hirsch


Want to know more?  Then check-this-out:


Honeymoon Island_086Myeloma Cure Panel Talk Show with Pat Killingsworth on February 28 @ 6pm EST


You can register there, too.  If there aren’t any slots left, email me your question(s) and I will be happy to try and address them on-air:

You can listen-in live or later if the time isn’t convenient.  I will post a webcast link on Friday.

We have been getting a lot of interesting questions via email.  But I would like to note that many of them are extremely technical.  For example, one patients asked “What role do autoimmune diseases play in myeloma?” and then went on to get more specific, admitting her specialist couldn’t answer the question.

As a former teacher, I remember repeating the old saying, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”  This may be true, but please keep in mind that all four of us are patients, not M.D.s.  We aren’t dumb, but we aren’t physicians, either.

That said, I understand how frustrating it can be when your doctor either doesn’t know–or doesn’t take the time to answer–your questions.

Try to take advantage of the panel’s expertise; things like how to deal with troubling side effects, tips to help when you are having a bad day and what our fellow patients do to increase their energy levels–that sort of thing.

One of my mantras has been:  “If you really want to know what to expect, ask a patient!”  My Patient Perspective book series is built on this concept.  Apprehensive about an upcoming stem cell transplant?  Not sure how to deal with “dex days?”  Then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m looking at this month’s broadcast like its an on-air myeloma support group.  No subject is off limits!  But sometimes questions go beyond the scope of members or guest speakers there, too.  We will do our best!  Maybe you should tune-in just to listen to us squirm and scramble!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat