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I apologize to my frustrated readers trying to order my new book!

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I apologize to my frustrated readers trying to order my new book!

I’m excited to report that the orders for my new book, Financial Aid for Multiple Myeloma Patients and Caregivers has been overwhelming!  But as is often the case, glitches have popped-up that I don’t usually have to deal with with one or two  My Cancer Store orders each day.

Thanks to your helpful emails alerting me to the problems and asking “What’s up?” I have identified two possible sticking points.  First, some of you have been having trouble finding the “Coupon Code” box.  So our faithful and talented tech volunteer, Robb, has moved it to a place that should be easier to find.

I’ll let him explain:

For the coupon code, I’ve been fiddling with the settings and I managed to find an extension to install on the site. Now it will ask for the coupon code during checkout so it’s easier to apply. What they will see is the price of the book(s), then a $-3 underneath that.  It shows the discounted total after they go to PayPal.

I have attached a picture of the checkout screen and then a second picture of the PayPal screen. Once they reach PayPal it will show the discounted total ($3.99 for shipping and handling, minus $3 for the coupon)


Robb 1

Robb 2

Give it a try!  But in order to do that, you may need to clear your shopping cart out and repeat your order.  If you are stuck at checkout with an incorrect total or the wrong title or number of books (reader identified problem #2), simply click-on the “Check Out” shortcut…  I’ll let Robb tell you about this, too:

At the top of the page by the search, there is a shortcut to the shopping cart. You just click on it and then you can “x” out the books that you don’t want in the cart anymore.

But hold everything!  Once you change your totals, don’t forget to click-on the blue “Update” button in the middle of the page on the far left side.  Otherwise nothing will change when you get back to your final shopping cart page.  I had that happen to me while I was testing Robb’s suggestions.

Like I often say:  “Technology: can’t live with it, can’t live without it!”  The My Cancer Store shopping cart is no exception.  Just when you get it all figured out, you’re done!  Guess you will just have to return regularly with new orders so you don’t forget how it works.  I had better get writing!

Still frustrated?  All of this too much hassle?  I”M SO SORRY!  I’m trying to help, not make your life harder! 

So for those of you that are ready to throw your hands up and quite, please don’t despair.  We can do it the old fashioned way!  And you’ll save money, too.  Simply mail us a check.  By doing that, you bypass the PayPal stuff and we aren’t charged a fee.

Mail your $15 check (includes postage) to:

Help With

8509 Dirlenton Way

Weeki Wachee, Florida, 34613. 

Your book will be in the mail the next day.  And for those of you that couldn’t figure the coupon thing out and your order has already been processed, simply shoot me an email ( and I will send you a $3 refund!

Once again, sorry for the confusion!  Take a deep breath, exhale and repeat after me:

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat