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Multiple myeloma in the media

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Multiple myeloma in the media

Some of you might already know March is multiple myeloma awareness month.  But I noticed this week that a number of media outlets aren’t waiting to run stories about our cancer.  But before I begin my report, I was excited to see Dr. Sergio Giralt, BMT and myeloma specialist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering cancer center, featured on ABC’s Good Morning America today.

Dr. Giralt was GMA co-host, Robin Robert’s, stem cell transplant doc, there to help welcome her back after six months of recovery following her allogeneic (using donor cells) stem cell transplant.  Multiple myeloma was never mentioned, but it’s good to see SCTs and Dr. Giralt getting so much attention.  I will be covering this story later in the week on our site.

By the way, I would like to thank those of you that took the time to comment, call and email me about yesterday’s “How do I feel?” post.  My good friend from Los Angeles, Ed Wolfman, shared this:

“You got around great in LA.  If I didn’t know you had MM, I wouldn’t have noticed anything amiss.”

I emailed Ed back, kidding about how I was getting by on “Rose Bowl adrenaline!”  But boy, did I pay for it after I returned home!  Amazing what a few extra pain meds will do–when I’m not driving, of course.  But man, if he had only seen me hobbling–no, literally crawling–to the bathroom in the middle of the night following New Year’s day parade and game.  Not a pretty sight!

don-wright1Ed also passed-along a link to a NPR Morning Edition broadcast about multiple myeloma that ran a few days back.  I had read the transcript but not listened to it yet.  I was excited to hear my good friends, marathoner Don Wright, and the IMF’s Medical Director, Dr. Brian Durie, who were featured in the broadcast.

Here’s a link to the audio and an online companion piece, complete with pictures like the this one of Don:


Next, our February Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast will air February 28th.  In the past these webcasts have featured myeloma specialists discussing important topics, leaving little time for caller questions.  Not this month!  Here’s part of the promo, courtesy of Cure Talk:

Myeloma Cure Panel on Thursday 28 February 2013 @ 6pm EST.

This February our Myeloma Cure Panel is going to be a complete patient oriented panel, an ‘ONLINE SUPPORT GROUP DISCUSSION’

A chance for patients, caregivers and their families to call-in and ask questions of our experienced patient panel including,

Not sure how to deal with all of the wondering and waiting?  When is it time to seek a second opinion?  What makes up an effective healthcare team?  How to cope with taking dexamethasone?  What can I do to help my peripheral neuropathy symptoms?

Cure Talk is proud to present an hour dedicated to answering your myeloma questions.  Please send in your myeloma questions to be answered by our experienced panelists on Cure Panel Talk Show…

I’m going to promo the event as we get closer to the broadcast.  But I wanted to mention something now in case any of you want to be among the fifty live listeners allowed to ask questions.  CLICK HERE if you would like to register.

Or if that time isn’t convenient for you, email your questions to me and I will try to see that they are included:  As always, a link to the monthly panel discussion will be available the next day if you miss it.

Finally, rumor has it that Cure Magazine is working on a feature article about multiple myeloma.  With any luck it will appear in print and online soon.  My understanding is this won’t be a “fluff piece.”  Cure Magazine is an incredible publication–one of my favorites.  I’m confident that medical writer, Heather L. Van Epps, will do a creative job introducing what to many is still an unfamiliar topic.  As hard as it is for us in the myeloma community to comprehend, most people have never heard of multiple myeloma.

Did you know you can subscribe to this informative, colorfully illustrated publication for FREE?  Simple go to and click-on the SUBSCRIBE button in the upper right hand side of the page.

You can find all of the content (and more) online, but I still like to get the publication in the mail.  I often take it on flights to read before take-off and landing.  Sometimes its nice to hold the extra heavy paper stock in your hands.  I’m just old fashioned, I guess.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat