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Monthly Archives: March 2013

30 03, 2013

Black Swan Initiative: Let’s focus on the possibilities

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After re-reading the comments my blog post generated Thursday, I can already tell it's time to dial-things-back a bit.  I had a chance to speak with someone close to the new Black Swan Initiative roll-out today.  He preferred I not quote him or use his name; he didn't want to upstage the announcement or contribute

27 03, 2013

If not Velcade, what next? How about oprozomib?

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I was happy to delay Monday's ongoing conversation a day in honor of myeloma hero, Elijah Alexander.  Let's jump-start things today using Dr. Alsina's own words:  “Now would be a good time to do this.”  She said.  “Your myeloma is stable.  I would do it now.” She was referring to my queries about re-visiting the

24 03, 2013

Patient Snapshot Update: Transplant warriors Mark Parsons, Richard Blustein and Jim Bond

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Great news about three of our recent Patient Snapshot featured friends, Mark Parsons Richard Blustein and Jim Bond.  All are doing well. Mark has been discharged following what is hoped will be a successful auto (using his own cells) stem cell transplant.  He is currently staying at a Hope Lodge in Ohio (see Jim Bond's

22 03, 2013

“Fun Fridays!” series kick-off

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Before I introduce our new "Fun Fridays!" weekly series, I wanted to quickly touch-on Wednesday night's Myeloma Cure Panel webcast, featuring Anya Prince, an attorney with the Cancer Legal Resource Center. Anya answered questions about what employers can and cannot do--and what an employee should do--once they are diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  Anya also fielded

20 03, 2013

Finally some answers! Cancer Legal Resource Center’s Anya Prince

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This month's myeloma Cure Talk panel discussion is tonight at 6 PM.  That's a week earlier than last month.  I'm excited about the focus tonight.  An attorney that specializes in labor-related and Social Security Disability matters, Anya Prince, will be our guest.  I know many of you have questions about how your diagnosis affects your

19 03, 2013

Responding to IMiD and proteasome inhibitor may be game changer

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Friday I left everyone hanging when I wrote:  Monday I am going to explain how this seemingly mundane result–a 0.2 M-spike–may have been the most fateful news I have ever received as a soon to be six year multiple myeloma survivor.  I know I said Monday.  But I couldn't resist yesterday's fun and frivolous, self

16 03, 2013

Maintenance therapy from a physician’s perspective

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Interested in a detailed, in-depth discussion about maintenance therapy; how and when to use it?  Then check-out this excellent educational video, hosted by Dana-Farber's Dr. Paul Richardson: From Medscape Education Oncology Practical Strategies for Maintenance Therapy in Patients With Multiple Myeloma: A Case-Study Approach CME Paul G. Richardson, MD; Jesús F. San Miguel, MD, PhD Intended

13 03, 2013

JQ1 Update: Dr. Bradner’s Harvard Medical School team continues to impress

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The prestigious, well known mainstream publication, The Atlantic, included noted cancer research scientist, Harvard Medical School's Jay Bradner, as a part of their Brave Thinkers series.  If you recall, Dr. Bradner has been working on the potentially game changing anti-cancer compound, JQ1. Jay Bradner, Research Scientist, Harvard Medical School Two years ago, after Jay Bradner

12 03, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: HIV drug may help Velcade and Kyprolis work better

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  I haven't had a chance to review the data yet, but Danny Parker forwarded me these links moments ago: Pat, This just off the medical press and called out by Dr. Robert Orlowski. Oral protease inhibitor, Nelfinavir, used against HIV, enhances the activity of Bortezomib against myeloma. Even more important, it appears to overcome