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Black Swan Initiative: Let’s focus on the possibilities

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Black Swan Initiative: Let’s focus on the possibilities

After re-reading the comments my blog post generated Thursday, I can already tell it’s time to dial-things-back a bit.  I had a chance to speak with someone close to the new Black Swan Initiative roll-out today.  He preferred I not quote him or use his name; he didn’t want to upstage the announcement or contribute to any further speculation until more information is released.

It turns-out most everyone who is anyone has already left for the 14th Annual International Myeloma Workshop in Kyoto, Japan, so there really isn’t anyone around to answer questions until the end of next week.

According to reader feedback, it is believed that Dr. Ola Landgren, Dr. Paul Richardson and Black Swan founder, the IMF’s Dr. Brian Durie are three of the members of this new, mysterious research group.

My source assures me that there are more details to follow after IMF officials return from Asia.  He went on to stress that all of this isn’t pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking–and that the myeloma specialists involved with Black Swan have already come-up with some exceptional breakthroughs.

One of my initial concerns was that while the group is composed of world renowned myeloma specialists,  this makes them part of the myeloma establishment.  How will they be able to “think outside the box” in order to tackle a puzzle so intricate that no one has been able to find a solution?

The answer could be simple.  These guys are the ones that invented the box!  Who is to say they can’t be creative enough to push the walls out–or even pull them down?

Yes, I would like to see the group grow to include contributors from other disciplines, including a computer wiz-kid that can create ways to better access new and innovative cancer research worldwide.  And how a specialist that works with natural compounds like curcumin and exotic antioxidants?

I am still quick to argue that just because you can measure when a patient is cured, doesn’t mean you can get them there–yet.

Still, all of this got me thinking.  Instead of endless speculation while we wait for everyone to come home from Kyoto, why not start of list of questions that I can ask Dr. Durie when he gets back and has a chance to unpack?

So sharpen those pencils and dust-off your keyboards, boys and girls.   Put your thinking-caps on and see what you can come up with.  You can send me your questions by commenting here or emailing me:

Then I will take your questions and suggestions and pose them to Dr. Durie, along with other IMF officials.

Let’s get answers from the experts that created Black Swan.  Why speculate when we can get the facts right from the Black Swan’s beak!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat