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Finally some answers! Cancer Legal Resource Center’s Anya Prince

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Finally some answers! Cancer Legal Resource Center’s Anya Prince

This month’s myeloma Cure Talk panel discussion is tonight at 6 PM.  That’s a week earlier than last month.  I’m excited about the focus tonight.  An attorney that specializes in labor-related and Social Security Disability matters, Anya Prince, will be our guest.  I know many of you have questions about how your diagnosis affects your ability to work.  You want to know what your rights are and what an employer can and can’t do.

I know I have a lot of questions!  Here is some information from Cure Talk about the broadcast:

Working While Living With Myeloma: Cure Panel Talk Show Discussion on March 20th

Are you having problems at your work place due to your myeloma diagnosis? Are you facing termination due to myeloma? Do you think that your employers should make accommodations for your myeloma?

This is what our March Cure Panel Talk Show on Multiple Myeloma is going to discuss on Wednesday 20 March at 6 pm EST.

The show will be co-hosted by Matt Goldman, a myeloma survivor. The featured speakers on the show are Attorney Anya Prince from the Cancer Legal Resource Center, Amy Garofalo, a myeloma survivor, and Pat Killingsworth, myeloma survivor and author.

Questions for Attorney Anya Prince will include:

  1. Anya PrinceWhat is employee required to tell their employer or even prospective employer about diagnosis and treatment?
  2. What is the importance of working? Work, money, staying insured?
  3. Describe a bit about employee rights under FMLA? And can employees be fired, cut back, etc?
  4. What sort of reasonable accommodations must employer make to minimize health/stress questions?
  5. How do others who continue to work deal with the possibilities of infection from co-workers and the public?

Do you have other questions?  Maybe some social security disability related issues?  There is still time to register:

It will be a busy night for me.  Our local support group meets tonight.  Fortunately I live a short ten minutes away, so I can rush-over immediately after the broadcast.

Tomorrow I will share more tips on how to work with your myeloma specialist to help you develop options for a long-term treatment plan.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat