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Monthly Archives: March 2013

10 03, 2013

Demon Dex strikes again!

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Hello All!  I have been battling computer issues this weekend, along with unexpectedly difficult dex-related side effects.  Life can be challenging! I haven't been able to solve the computer glitches (I'm using the laptop I use when I travel to write this) but the dex driven inflammation that was giving me fits Saturday has improved

9 03, 2013

Wall Street Journal features article about new myeloma therapies

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A good friend of mine, long-lived myeloma survivor Paula Van Riper, was recently featured in an excellent Wall Street Journal article about the recent FDA approvals of Kyprolis and Pomalyst.  The IMF's Medical Director, Dr. Brian Durie, is interviewed, along with Dr. David Siegel, chief of the myeloma division at John Theurer Cancer Center in

8 03, 2013

Ongoing diagnostics are used at different times and in different ways by different docs

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I was running out of time and energy yesterday.  PET scan, Velcade infusion and other tests went fine and I arrived safely home by 4 PM.  There is a significant difference in the way doctors around the country test and monitor their patients--an alarming difference. Yesterday I wrote this: I have been writing about Total

6 03, 2013

Mayo Clinic’s Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar: Doctors and patients should be cautious when using curcumin

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Myeloma patients in the know recognize curcumin, an extract of the spice turmeric, to be a potentially powerful anti-myeloma supplement.  But like most supplements, curcumin is unregulated and understudied.  Anecdotal evidence looks extremely promising.  So much so that activists (like me) in the myeloma community have endorsed it as a natural, inexpensive complementary medicine option

5 03, 2013

New study showcases curcumin

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Myeloma nutritional expert, Danny Parker, has been following curcumin research for years.  He emailed me last evening, excited about a new micro study he found: Pat, This study was just published on February 18th in the Journal of Hematological Malignancies, tracking two patients with smoldering myeloma.  Margaret Graziano surfaced it on her blog recently (,

3 03, 2013

Could myeloma cure lay deep beneath the sea?

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A week or so ago I read an interesting article about an early stage myeloma research project in Europe.  I didn't give it much thought until I noticed the title: Marine-based active substances show promise against multiple myeloma   Learning about a consortium of twelve European partners, all collaborating and focusing on sea-based compounds was

1 03, 2013

First Myeloma Cure Panel support group broadcast link

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If you missed it, you can still listen to last night's Myeloma Cure Panel online support group webcast.  Our good friend, Priya Menon, produced the broadcast and introduced our panel: Gary Petersen is the editor of and a 6 year myeloma survivor. Gary works with Myeloma specialists to provide life expectancy and survival rate