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Monthly Archives: April 2013

29 04, 2013

Free medical related legal assistance available to us through Cancer Legal Resource Center

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A few months back our Cure Talk sponsored Myeloma Cure Panel featured Cancer Legal Resource Center attorney Anya Prince.  Priya Menon posted a follow-up interview with Anya that I have been saving to share with you: ‘Easily Accessible Legal Information Improves Quality of Outcome for Patient Survivorship’ – CureTalk In Conversation With Anya Prince, Staff

27 04, 2013

Top Ten reasons why myeloma specialists want to transplant NOW!

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Thursday I wrote:  There are strong forces at work here, pushing hard for early transplantation.  Some are economic.  But it goes deeper than that.  Push-back is strong and growing... If you would like to refresh your memory, here's a link back to Thursday's post: Is it reasonable to delay transplant? YES! But myeloma establishment doesn’t

26 04, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Orlowski working on experimental myeloma vaccine

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Sorry, but I need to delay Part Two of my expose' about stem cell transplant timing until tomorrow in order to take care of some important housekeeping.  Last night I participated in a wonderful Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast featuring M.D. Anderson's Dr. Robert Orlowski.  Dr. Orlowski is an exceptional myeloma expert.  I would rank him

25 04, 2013

Is it reasonable to delay transplant? YES! But myeloma establishment doesn’t agree

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A reader emailed me yesterday and asked how many subscribers/readers I have.  I responded, "We are currently averaging between 1,200-1,300 page views daily."  That translates into between 500-600 daily readers, best I can tell.  April 5th I wrote a "catch-all" post that blows these numbers away.  Almost 2,300 people have read this post in less

24 04, 2013

Cautious optimism and “keeping it real”

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Pattie and I returned home last night after a short visit to Rockford, Illinios, to visit my ailing 91 year old father.  He’s doing better than one might expect for a guy that has had valve replacement surgery and recurring prostate cancer.  It was great to see him! On the flight home I wrote my

22 04, 2013

Everything that you ever wanted to know about myeloma but were afraid to ask!

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When I was first diagnosed, I remember scouring the web for information.  I was eventually able to piece things together in drips and drabs.  But my quest was emotionally draining.  Too many promising reports sites turned-out to be dead ends.  I have tried to remedy that a bit by summarizing the things I think are

20 04, 2013

Big pharma isn’t all bad; 23 companies working hard to help relapsed myeloma patients

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WOW!  Check-out how many companies are actively involved in developing chemotherapy for relapsed multiple myeloma patients as listed in a press release run in the Wall Street Journal April 18th: Companies Involved in Refractory Multiple Myeloma Therapeutics Development -- Bristol-Myers Squibb Company -- Johnson & Johnson -- Eli Lilly and Company -- GlaxoSmithKline plc --

19 04, 2013

Fun Fridays! This exchanged cracked-me-up!

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OK.  I'll admit I have been taking life pretty seriously since my relapse and difficulties following my auto stem cell transplant the past few years.  But I've made it six years and counting--no reason to think I can't live for another six or more!  Today I want to share a conversation I had with a

18 04, 2013

Proof that Federal budget cuts are hurting myeloma research

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CNN ran this article yesterday.  Concrete evidence that sequester cuts are already negatively affecting multiple myeloma research: Group tries to fill funding gap on cancer research By Jennifer Liberto @CNNMoney April 16, 2013 Scientists B. Hilda Ye (left) and Suzanne Lentzsch won grants of $100,000 each from the American Society of Hematology, a group that's

17 04, 2013

What took so long? Pomalidomide time-line raises questions–I have answers (Part Three)

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I stuck with the original heading for the third installment of my three part investigative expose'.  But today's post could have been titled, "Different shades of grey."   Pomalidomide's development was shaped by a convoluted system that does a poor job balancing patient need with investor returns. But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Yesterday I promised

16 04, 2013

What took so long? Pomalidomide time-line raises questions–I have answers (Part Two)

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Before I get started, did you happen to see the MMRF's Kathy Giusti interviewed in the trendy tech magazine, Fast Company?  Interesting approach.  Simply click-on the headline link below to access the interview: Using Data To Treat Cancer And Drive Innovation How a pair of savvy renegades are forcing collaboration in cancer R&D--and saving lives.

14 04, 2013

Experimental reovirus myeloma therapy update

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I ran several posts about an exciting new myeloma therapy being developed by Canadian scientists last September: Canadian reovirus research impressive   U.S. reovirus research focusing on Reolysin   Here's the link to a short YouTube video update about Reolysin, the reovirus drug being developed by Dr. Don Morris and his team at the University

13 04, 2013

Important news from International Myeloma Workshop in Japan

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If anyone ever wanted proof that budget cuts have affected news organizations, simply take a look at the lack of information coming out of the International Myeloma workshop in Kyoto, Japan this week.  Very little research news hit the wires.  But that doesn't mean there wasn't any important news--just that there wasn't anyone there to

12 04, 2013

This month’s Cure Talk broadcasts focus on myeloma and yoga

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I should have saved yesterday's crazy Cialis post for Fun Friday! today.  Lets flip-flop the days.  Today I would like to share two upcoming Cure Talk broadcast dates with you.  The first features our monthly Myeloma Cure Panel and guest Dr. Robert Orlowski, myeloma specialist from M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas.  The second is something

11 04, 2013

Stranger than fiction? Cialis an anti-myeloma drug?

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I ended yesterday's post with a flip blip about how Cialis features a precautionary warning specifically naming mutliple myeloma.  Ironic, since our good friend, Holt, followed-up with an even stranger Cialis-related email.  Turns-out that Cialis (tadalafil) is being tested in ongoing human studies as an anti-multiple meyloma drug!  You can't make this stuff up! According