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Monthly Archives: May 2013

31 05, 2013

ASCO kicks-off with a bang! Immunotherapies continue to impress

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Immunotherapies.   Thus far most oncologists would classify them as an oh so promising bust.  They work in the lab.  They should work in human patients.  Should have, would have, could have.  But finally, after decades of trying, researchers are starting to figure things out--and the results are impressive! I want to share excerpts from an

30 05, 2013

ASCO Coverage begins tomorrow; with a twist!

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I'm excited to remind everyone that the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meetings--the world's largest gathering of oncologist researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical company teams and reporters--kicks-off shortly in Chicago.  Please don't run for cover!  Please don't allow your eyes to glaze over or turn-off your computers!  This year I promise to provide kinder, gentler and

29 05, 2013

The anticipation of exploring exciting possibilities: Start planning a party for 2020!

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Yesterday I described an imaginary journey I had concocted while walking with my wife and dog the evening before:  I had fantasized about how I would still alive after 11 hard-fought years. Unlike more common fantasies like winning the lottery, my dream could actually become a reality.  Winning a sweepstakes or lottery involves a lot

28 05, 2013

The “What if?” game: What do you wish for?

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Last evening, Pattie and I took our dog, Finnegan, for a long walk.  The weather was gorgeous; mid-70's with a cool breeze.  Since walking our sometimes rambunctious hound isn't a good idea for me while I recover from hip replacement surgery, Pattie has been handling the leash. Pat & Finnegan, courtesyphotographer Stephanie Dye

27 05, 2013

High risk myeloma patients: Would you like the good or bad news first?

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Depending on which myeloma expert you ask, roughly 85% of multiple myeloma patients are considered to be "standard" or "low risk."  I'm fortunate to fall into this most common category.  And because I do--and so many other patients do, too--I tend to write most about us.  But what about high risk patients? Ironically, two or

26 05, 2013

Video interviews examine the emotional and scientific side of multiple myeloma

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New Andrew Schorr Patient Power video features an interview with experienced cancer care social worker, Brianna Garrison, at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  Brianna discusses how she helps patients cut-through the clutter and focus on what's important to them. Tying-in with Danny Parker's recent Excercise and Multiple Myeloma series, Brianna discusses ways to

25 05, 2013

Mayo Clinic’s willingness to consider delaying SCT grabs reader attention

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As lead writer, editor, layout stumbler and bumbler here at MMB, I am continually wondering:  What makes one post more popular than another?  Let's examine one of my most read posts of all time to see why over 3700 people read it last month. The post itself is simple enough; a composite of several different

22 05, 2013

Hip check leads to reality check: Multiple myeloma survivors are TOUGH!

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My "hip check" headline isn't a NHL hockey reference.  Tuesday I headed down to Moffitt Cancer Center to get the staples removed from my incision and undergo a surgical follow-up, three weeks after my right hip was replaced. The doctor confirmed what I already knew; the surgery was a rousing success and my recovery is

21 05, 2013

New clinical trial tackles age-old question: What’s better, one transplant or two?

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This is the type of clinical trial that may help our doctors make better multiple myeloma treatment choices: A Promising Clinical Trial for Multiple Myeloma Patients Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 1:24pm Philip McCarthy, MD Director, Blood & Marrow Transplant Program Roswell Park recently honored March as Myeloma Awareness Month and I want to share

18 05, 2013

Exercise & Multiple Myeloma (Part Three)

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Our good friend and healthy lifestyle columnist, Danny Parker, has been off-the-grid for several days at a Buddhist retreat.  Upon his return, Danny discovered lots of comments and questions about Interleukin-6 (IL-6).  He has been gracious enough to put-together an unscheduled column to try and help explain what's going on: Exercise & Myeloma: Part 3

17 05, 2013

Myeloma doc’s dilemma: “Where do we use what, when and how?”

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Awesome Patient Power video features Dr. Shaji Kumar discussing how new understanding of myeloma pathology and therapy is moving the multiple myeloma treatment field toward personalization to improve outcomes. There are now a large variety of treatment options for patients with multiple myeloma. Patients are also living longer and better with this disease, making it

16 05, 2013

Twitter and upcoming ASCO meetings in Chicago

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I'm guessing that most of our readers don't "tweet."  Facebook seems to be the more popular social media among us 50 and older types.  But I like twitter.  And doctors love it!   Easy way to access abstracts and to post theirs. I use twitter to help get my posts "out there."  Not quite sure where

15 05, 2013

Nationwide myeloma support group broadcast tonight

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Tonight I'm taking part in an experiment.  With the help of Priya Menon and the team at Cure Talk, we will be launching an on-air, nationwide multiple myeloma support group. The broadcast will begin at 6 PM Eastern time.  Due to a scheduling snafu, it happens to air at the same time my local support