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Monthly Archives: July 2013

30 07, 2013

What’s a billion dollars among friends?

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Ever take Revlimid?  Wonder where the tens of thousands of dollars that Medicare or your private insurance company pays for it goes each month?  To finance speculative acquisitions of small, start-up pharmaceutical companies, of course! A few short weeks after acquiring the rights to one of the hottest yet unproven anti-myeloma therapy agents, MorphoSys' MOR202,

28 07, 2013

Myeloma research team at Dana-Farber among the world’s best!

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Melanie Graham from Dana-Farber contacted me last week to let me know about an article featuring Dr. Anderson, Dr. Richardson and their colleague, Dr. Nikhil Munshi.  Myeloma geeks like me know that Ken Anderson and Paul Richardson are two of the most renowned myeloma specialists in the world.  If they made sets of baseball cards

27 07, 2013

Panel discussion featuring Dr. Shaji Kumar refreshingly frank and revealing

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Before I get started I wanted to share that my father, Ted Killingsworth, has passed-away.  He was surrounded by nearly a dozen family members.  They reassure me he was comfortable and quietly slipped-away.  I will post an obit sometime next week.  I will miss you, Dad! Thursday evening I participated in a Q & A

25 07, 2013

Timing, irony, life and death

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Timing is everything.  This is short story about the irony of timing.  A real life-and-death account that begs the cliche': You can't make this stuff up! I flew back to Tampa last evening after spending six emotionally draining days with my father and family.  Spending the time with Dad was the easy part.  Playing referee

23 07, 2013

Best video I’ve ever watched about MDS

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Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) results in the bone marrow not producing enough normal blood cells for the body to function properly.  It isn't unusual for multiple myeloma patients to develop MDS after undergoing years of chemotherapy.  I just watched the best video I've ever seen on this rare hematological disorder--and I'm not just saying that because

21 07, 2013

Multiple Myeloma News

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The myeloma world doesn't stop turning just because I"m out of town visiting my father.   Let's catch-up on a few important odds 'n ends today. First, I received an email from a reader, questioning the value of the Mayo Clinic retrospective study that Danny Parker and I reported on yesterday.  The issue: the study or

20 07, 2013

Groundbreaking news that was overlooked at ASCO 2013

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Before ASCO even got started the first week of June, our lifestyle columnist and my good friend, Danny Parker, alerted me to an incredibly important abstract that we both knew would get lost among all of the hype.  A retrospective study conducted by myeloma specialists at Mayo Clinic, it revealed some groundbreaking overall survival (OS)

19 07, 2013

Notes from a visit home

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My father is stable but slipping away.  It's hard to comprehend why his condition has deteriorated so rapidly.  Three weeks ago he could speak clearly; at least for a few sentences before he lost his train of thought.  Now he can barely communicate.  He knows I'm here and seems to understand most of what I

18 07, 2013

Could I ask a favor?

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I know many of my readers here at MMB have also ordered and read one or more of my books. I continue to search-out ways to get my books in the hands of patients, caregivers, families and friends that need the information. I think I've discovered a way to help get my books out faster;

16 07, 2013

My new hip is healed. Not sure I can say the same emotionally…

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I had an early appointment with the specialist that performed my hip replacement surgery this morning, so I'm late getting back to you. That's not all I had going this am.  I also stepped across the street from Moffitt Cancer Center's main clinic building to visit the psych department.  I'm serious about following-up and seeking

15 07, 2013

HDAC inhibitors work great in the lab. Why not better in patients?

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This weekend I shared how I was becoming anxious and frazzled with the added responsibility and concern for my dying father.  The mental and emotional health of myeloma patients and caregivers is an under-served and rarely addressed part of our lives.  You know me; I'm not going to let this go.  I will get back

12 07, 2013

I survived another “triple witching therapy hour!”

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What the heck is a "triple witching hour?" According to Mark Koba, Senior Business Editor for CNBC, "Witching hours occur when financial contracts—specifically options and futures—end on the third Friday of a month.  Traditionally, all contracts expire in the same hour—thus the name witching hour—usually the last hour of trading." And the end of the