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Best video I’ve ever watched about MDS

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Best video I’ve ever watched about MDS

Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) results in the bone marrow not producing enough normal blood cells for the body to function properly.  It isn’t unusual for multiple myeloma patients to develop MDS after undergoing years of chemotherapy.  I just watched the best video I’ve ever seen on this rare hematological disorder–and I’m not just saying that because the producers chose to use some stock footage of me the day I had my stem cells transplanted.

SCTI may be wearing a colorful Florida style shirt, but I don’t look very comfortable.  If I recall, I was already nauseous following two days of high dose chemo.  Not every stem cell transplant patient gets as nauseous as early in the process as I did.  I had GI issues for months following my transplant.  Guess I’m just a sensitive guy!

5% of multiple myeloma patients that undergo an autologous (using their own cells) transplant,–followed by Revlimid maintenance–develop MDS.  My doctors were concerned it my be happening to me last year. Thank God that wasn’t the case.  Ironically, the only possible cure for MDS is an allogeneic (donor) stem cell transplant; think Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts.

If you would like to watch the program, New Ways to Manage MDS.  Click-on the link below.  I highly recommend it:

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat