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Myeloma News and Views

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Myeloma News and Views

One of our readers emailed me about using ursolic acid; one of the best known ways to assist the myeloma drugs we take to work better.  As Gail’s questions became more specific, I decided to ask our resident expert, Danny Parker, to help out, too.  Here is what he had to say:


I included my previous info on ursolic acid.

 I use the Ursobolic brand: 150 mg/capsule.

Three capsules before Velcade treatment and three after.

I also take three capsules with Revlimid.

As always, advised your treating doctor of what you are doing….

Best Wishes,
Danny Parker

Thanks, Danny!  Always great to hear from him.

Next, here’s an excerpt from an informative Pharma Magazine article I saved, outlining Celgene’s first big experimental drug acquisition of the summer I mentioned in passing yesterday:

MorphoSys and Celgene Agree Potentially Potentially $818M Deal for Multiple Myeloma mAb


MorphoSys and Celgene Corporation announced a potentially $818 million agreement to jointly develop MorphoSys’s MOR202 globally and to co-promote the fully human CD38-targeting  monoclonal antibody in Europe, for the treatment of multiple myeloma and certain leukemias. MOR202 is currently undergoing a Phase I/IIa trial in patients with relapsed/refractory myeloma. Under terms of the deal MorphoSys and Celgene will collaborate on the development of MOR202 in multiple myeloma and other indications, and share costs on a 1/3:2/3 basis.

MorphoSys will receive a $92 million up front license fee, and Celgene will invest $60 million to subscribe for new shares of MorphoSys, at a share price that will be determined once the transaction has been given US antitrust authority clearance.  The share price will, however, will be set at least a 15% premium to the closing price of the MorphoSys share prior to the signature of the agreement. MorphoSys could also receive additional development, regulatory and sales milestones, in addition to tiered double digit royalties on net sales outside the co-promotion territory, and the firm retains 50/50 profit sharing rights in its co-promotion territory…

Read more about the deal—and MOR202:

Finally, here’s a link to another excellent video shot by Andrew Schorr and his Patient Power team at the European myeloma meetings earlier this summer in Stockholm:

Next Generation Meds Offer New Options for Myeloma Patients

Lots to be optimistic about, but we’re still losing friends from our myeloma community every day.  I’m glad to be one of the lucky ones.  Hope you or your loved one is doing well, too.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat