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Monthly Archives: July 2013

11 07, 2013

Dad is doing better! But budget cuts hurt some in myeloma community

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I received an email about this example of the Federal Government's sequester mess directly affecting a multiple myeloma patient.  According to sources at the Denver Post, Maud Sandoval, 84, from Ft. Lupton, Colorado, a retired microbiologist, was originally diagnosed with multiple myeloma and refused radiation and chemo treatments in October 2011 after being told by

10 07, 2013

Updated 2013 edition, New Multiple Myeloma Therapies from a Patient’s Perspective, available NOW!

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My updated 2013 edition of New Multiple Myeloma Therapies from a Patient's Perspective has just been published.  When I wrote the book less than a year ago, I knew things were changing quickly in myeloma research--and I knew that I would need to update the book periodically.  But who knew new drugs like ARRY-520 and

9 07, 2013

Please pray for my father…

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Timing is everything.  I spent four difficult but very special days with my ailing father in Rockford, Illinois last week.   A fall in the shower a month before and a nagging bladder infection had left him bedridden but still able to sit-up, eat and hold short conversations.  We even found a special wheel chair that

7 07, 2013

Could synthesizing and combining anti-myeloma drugs make them more effective?

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This is complicated stuff.  But apparently a group of scientists have successfully synthesized thalidomide and curcumin.  Taking things a step farther, researchers Kai Liu, Datong Zhang, Jeremy Chojnacki, Yuhong Du, Haian Fu, Steven Grant and Shijun Zhang have also been able to combine thalidomide and curcumin together, forming a compound that is exceptionally lethal to

6 07, 2013

More well deserved condolences for John Knighten

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I wouldn't continue to post some much about our dear friend, John Knighten.  But this local newscast is touching and well done.  Try not to cry when John shares how his number one concern is for his wife and kids on camera a week before his death: Spokane firefighter John Knighten passes away I

3 07, 2013

Happy Birthday? Reflections two years post-transplant

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Things have been hectic and I’ve been out-of-touch this week.  I’ll explain why tomorrow.  It must have been crazy for me to forget my “birthday.”  It was two years ago Monday that my stem cells were infused back into my body following high dose chemotherapy.  In other words, this is the second anniversary of my

2 07, 2013

John Knighten’s obituary

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Spokane firefighter John Knighten loses cancer battle Jennifer Pignolet The Spokesman-Review Spokane firefighter John Knighten lost his three-year battle with cancer Sunday night. Knighten, a 19-year veteran of the Spokane Fire Department, former Marine, husband to Shawna Knighten and father of three daughters, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2010. He died at his home

2 07, 2013

Our dear friend John has moved on

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If you haven't been following the comments following Saturday's post, John Knighten has died. I have written so much about him the past ten months there doesn't seem to be much more to say.  Here are the last thoughts his wife, Shawna, shared on facebook since his passing: Dearest family & friends, it is with

1 07, 2013

More about MOR202

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Yesterday's post generated quite a bit of interest.  Here's what I know about CD38 and MOR202  In January 2012, a 19 year old company that specializes in human antibody research, MorphoSys, received a U.S. patent for MOR202, a fully human HuCAL antibody.  This new antibody was designed to use CD38 as a therapeutic target for