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Please keep those emails and comments coming!

Yesterday I shared my feelings of being overwhelmed since my father’s “turn for the worse” recently.  Rack-up more phone calls and travel to my growing to-do list.  Although sometimes I pause before I hit the PUBLISH button after I write such a personal entry, I almost always go ahead and post it.  It isn’t fair to my readers to pretend I never have a bad day; that things never gets to me.  But an email from a reader last night alerted me to a possible misconception that I’d like to clear-up.

The reader asked me several questions about supplements and side effects last week.  I had gladly been answering them systematically, one or two every day or so.  But after reading yesterday’s post about how I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious, she apologized for bothering me with such “trivial questions.”

NO!  That wasn’t my point at all!  The last thing I want is for my friends in the myeloma community to feel that they are imposing by asking a question or sharing feelings about one of their down days.  I live for that!  I need to simplify my life in other ways.  It’s the seemingly endless medical appointments and treatment time I would like to axe first.  Waving my hand and making the junk email go away wouldn’t hurt either; I sort through hundreds of emails daily.

But as I shared with another reader, Its my fault that I can’t seem to turn-off so many of my Google Alerts, the twitter accounts and Facebook.

Here’s an example of what stresses me out.  Wednesday I shared how excited I was that the updated edition of my third book, New Multiple Myeloma Therapies from a Patient’s Perspective, was in-stock and ready to ship.  I passed-along a code, MYELOMA, to use in My Cancer Store so anyone that wanted to order could save $2. 

And what happened?  The code wasn’t working.  And I didn’t know how to fix it!  Hassle, stress and worry.  I know its a small thing, but I like and expect this stuff to work.  And since I’m a staff of one and three quarters–me, Pattie part time and my “now he’s busy because he has a full time job,” tech volunteer, Robb–it can be time consuming to try and figure these things out.  And have you ever noticed that the small stuff can eat-up the most time?

Fortunately, Robb was kind enough to stop-in yesterday afternoon to help with the code (It’s working!) and to announce he’s going to try and make more time to help us out.

I was just having a bad end of the week.   But I still plan to seek-out some in-person, professional therapy from someone that works with cancer patients regularly.  That I’m serious about.  One more appointment to help me feel anxious and uptight on therapy days!

Stressed so that I can decompress?  Not to worry.  I have all of your kind comments and suggestions to help me pull it all together.  And I want to thank you for that!  Without your encouragement, I would really be a wreck!

There have been a few interesting myeloma related developments I will share with your tomorrow.  Until then, feel good and keep smiling!  Pat