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Allo (donor) stem cell transplants: Forgotten path to a cure?

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Allo (donor) stem cell transplants: Forgotten path to a cure?

I wanted to give a shout-out to one of our regular readers.  Mark is a younger, allogeneic (donor) recipient and strong advocate for the procedure.  Mark, after all of this time I don’t have your email.  Next Wednesday, I am participating on a Blog Talk Radio Panel about allos and would like your input/questions to share with myeloma transplant expert, Dr. Ravi Vij:

Allogeneic Transplants: Pros and Cons

Wednesday August 21st at 6 PM

So contact me, good friend!  You have a new, positive perspective to share.  I will pass-along dial-in information soon.  As always, a recording of the broadcast will be available the day after our conversation.

This should be a groundbreaking on-air discussion about this misunderstood–and often unfairly demonized–therapeutic option.

20 years ago, researchers had hoped that allos could be a curative answer to multiple myeloma, similar to success with MDS and select groups of other blood cancer survivors.  Unfortunately since then, a majority of myeloma specialists have arbitrarily decided that the procedure is too dangerous to employ except in special situations.

Dr. Vij plans to cover all of this, as well as address what I would call an “allo Renaissance” for donor transplants used for salvage therapy.

The procedure is much safer than a decade ago.  And with the addition of Velcade as a pre and/or post transplant adjunct therapy, the risk of graft/host disease has been drastically reduced–and effectiveness improved.

If you want to learn more about allogeneic stem cell transplantation, simlpy type “allo” into the query bar in the upper right hand side of my homepage.  If too much info pops-up, try “Arnie Goodman,” a close friend that I have interviewed and written about often.  Arnie successfully completed a “hail Mary” last ditch allo as salvage therapy one year ago.

You are encouraged to email your allo-related questions to:

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat