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Foods and supplements myeloma patients should avoid (Part One)

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Foods and supplements myeloma patients should avoid (Part One)

In my ongoing series, Alternative/complimentary medicine for myeloma patients,  I have been focusing on foods and supplements we should consume.  Now how about a few to avoid.

This list is more controversial than the others.  The science behind some of these contraindicated foods and supplements is lab based; there’s no live human studies to support the conclusions.  This is important, because how a myeloma cell reacts to a compound in the lab may not translate into the real world.  There are hundreds of failed studies that conclusion up.

We’ll talk about this more later.  In no particular order, let’s take a look at the top ten list of foods and supplements that myeloma patients should avoid:

1)  Asparagus

2)  L-glutamine

3)  Acrylamides

4)  Simple sugars

5)  Processed meats

6)  Too much alcohol

7)  Otherwise healthy things not to take with Velcade

8)  Glucosamine

9)  Alpha lipoic acid

10)  Concentrated antioxidant supplements

Too much alcohol?  Drinking in moderation (one or two drinks daily) is probably good for us.  But much more than that and the risk of developing other cancers sky rockets–and our immune systems suffer.

I understand I’m leaving you hanging about why some of these made the list.  I’m traveling this weekend.  I’ll fill-you-in early next week.  If you can’t wait that long, simply type-in any of the things on the list into the query bar on the upper right side of the page and some answers should pop-right-up.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat