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Blog Talk Radio spotlights allo (donor) stem cell transplants

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Blog Talk Radio spotlights allo (donor) stem cell transplants

Two important international Blog Talk Radio broadcasts coming up.  Tonight at 6 PM, catch stem cell transplant and myeloma expert, Dr. Ravi Vij and Anne Quinn Young, VP of Marketing with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF).  The topic:  Pros and cons of using allogeneic (donor) transplants against multiple myeloma.

You can listen-in by phone, or on your computer.  Here are the promos out of Blog Talk Radio headquarters in India:

MYELOMA In FOCUS on Blog Talk Radio: Cure Panel Talk Show

The coming two weeks will see Cure Panel Talk Show host three shows on myeloma. The topic of discussions would range from exploring allogenic transplants which are slowly making a comeback to various treatment strategies used for myeloma and diet & myeloma.

Cure Panel Talk Show on Myeloma on 21 August @ 6pm ET

Dr Vij

We are excited to have Dr. Ravi Vij of Washington University School of Medicine back with us on The Cure Panel Talk Show. Dr. Vij had kick started the first episode of The Cure Panel Talk Show on August 22 2012 with a discussion on Latest Treatments in Multiple Myeloma.

Dr. Vij would be back on the show, this time discussing Allogenic Transplants: Pros and Cons with a panel of patient experts – Gary Petersen, Pat Killingsworth, Jack Aiello, and Nick van Dyk.

We are also having a special guest on the show this time, Anne Young Quinn. Anne is VP, Marketing, and MMRF. We are thrilled to have MMRF on our show and are looking forward to hear MMRF’s endeavors and triumphs for the myeloma community.

The Cure Panel Talk Show will host Dr. Ravi Vij and Anne Quinn Young on August 21 @ 6pm ET on BlogTalkRadio.

Registrations for the show are open. CLICK HERE

Next week, tune-in to our monthly on-air support group meeting:

Cure Panel’s LIVE On-Air Support Group Meeting on 28 August @ 6pm ET

MEPat Killingsworth will be hosting the Support Group meeting for the month of August, discussing the very interesting topic:

Treatment Extremes: Comparing and contrasting different treatment options

Share your myeloma treatment particulars with fellow myeloma patient and help the myeloma community.

Mail for registering for the event or sharing your story! You can also mail Pat Killingsworth.

Finally, I’m excited to be interviewing my good friend, MMB’s lifestyle columnist, Danny Parker, on a broadcast the first week in September:

Cure Panel Talk Show on Cancer and Nutrition on 2 September @ 6pm ET

Danny ParkerScientist, cancer survivor, author,  and blogger Danny S. Parker will discuss Diet and Myeloma on Cure Panel Talk Show on 2 Sept @ 6pm ET.

Please contact me ( for participating on the show and for pre-registrations.

Mark your calendars and make sure you don’t miss any of the shows in the coming weeks.

I know many of you will have questions for danny about nutrition, exercise and spirituality.  One of the great things about Danny; he doesn’t box-himself-in by sticking to a script.  I’m trying to twist his arm to begin a series of columns devoted to spirituality and how to achieve balance in our troubled lives…

That’s a busy schedule!  I still can’t get over the fact that this all originates in India.  I’m not always a fan of technology, but it does allow us to reach a much larger and far reaching audience.  As always, any of these broadcasts can be accessed after-the-fact if you can’t listen-in live.  I will pass-along links to recorded sessions the day following the broadcast.

And for the record, I neither work for–or get paid by–Blog Talk Radio.  Like my blog, I do it as a way to give back; to selfishly try and feel better about my own tough-luck situation by helping others in the myeloma community.  Now that’s a disclosure!

Tonight I will be juggling a tight schedule.  Our local support group starts at 6 PM; the same time the Blog Talk Radio broadcast hits the air.  A dear friend, the preeminent myeloma Tweeter, Cindy Chmielewski, has graciously flown-down from New Jersey to speak to our group north of Tampa.

Juggling?  I’m going to introduce her a few minutes early, then rush off to a quiet room nearby to join the other members of tonight’s panel.  No way I was going to miss the opportunity to focus on allo transplants; both allos and tandem autos are making a strong, therapy comeback these days.

Hope you can tune in tonight–and for one or both of the other upcoming broadcasts.  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat