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Monthly Archives: August 2013

11 08, 2013

EU approves pomalidomide and broader use of Velcade

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Europe's Regulatory Commission (EC) has been busy lately.  Sort of like our FDA, the EC approved a broader use of Velcade, then gave the green light for use of Pomalyst in relapsed patients: European Commission Approves VELCADE® As A Frontline Induction Therapy Before Stem Cell Transplantation   Decision could significantly improve transplant outcomes for patients

9 08, 2013

Wise words help me face my next round of treatment: CHEMO IS YOUR FRIEND!

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Yesterday I wrote about how I was dreading starting another chemotherapy treatment cycle.  Why now?  I have undergone seemingly countless cycles in the past—on and off; mostly on—for the past six years.  Could it have something to do with losing my father, or other stressors in my life?  As difficult as the past two weeks

8 08, 2013

Time to start another treatment cycle; I’m dreading it!

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I'm facing a number of life challenges these days.  My father's passing and travel, the Viagra malware MMB blog attacks that are proving difficult to fix, along with some ill-timed home maintenance issues have all raised my stress level to CODE RED!   So I shouldn't be surprised that starting my next four week chemotherapy cycle

7 08, 2013

Another example of a myeloma survivor giving back

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I met Jim Byrd a year or so ago when I traveled to Columbia, South Carolina to speak to a large group there.  A four year survivor, Jim and I have met several times since.  He's a great guy; quiet and determined, yet always wearing just a hint of a smile. Jim helped get a

6 08, 2013

FREE legal aid for myeloma patients is available NOW!

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This month's Blog Talk Radio live on-air multiple myeloma support group featured Attorney Anya Prince from the Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC).  If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to my dear friends, fellow myeloma survivors Gary Petersen and Cindy Chmielewski, question Anna about navigating private medical insurance and the Social Security system in

5 08, 2013

Travel day means travel delays

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It’s been a long weekend!  Between meeting old friend and making new ones, comforting and entertaining relatives and sorting through closets and files there hasn’t been much time to catch my breath.  Dad is gone and Pattie and I thought we would be, too.  No such luck. There have been two delays and a flight

4 08, 2013

Viagra malware hits major media blogs, too

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It sounds like having my blog hacked puts me in some pretty good company.  Liberal economist, Paul Krugman wrote a post about Viagra malware on his blog today.  Don't tune-out if you are a conservative; politics isn't the point.  Apparently these hackers are going after some pretty big names: The Hacking of Michael Pettis Oh,