I was honored to be selected to host an on-air Cure Talk interview with oncologist and integrative medicine specialist, Dr. Donald Abrams Friday evening.  It’s a must listen for anyone concerned about nutrition and it’s impact on cancer.

Dr AbramsDr. Donald Abrams is a cancer and integrative medicine specialist at the UCSF Osher Center of Integrative Medicine at Mount Zion.  He has researched complementary and alternative therapies including mind-body treatments, botanical therapies, medical use of marijuana and traditional Chinese herbal remedies.  What makes all of this exceptional is Dr. Abrams is also Chief of Hematology and Oncology at San Francisco General Hospital.

Panelists questioned Dr. Abrams on a wide range of topics, from what to eat, which supplements to take and what foods to avoid.  Acupuncture, yoga, exercise and mindfulness were also covered.

Some of the advice applied directly to myeloma patients, including Dr. Abrams recommendation that people taking curcumin also use a supplement called piperine.  I’m running a post on this tomorrow.

Dr. Abrams extensively covers the “sugar feeds cancer” controversy, the use of antioxidant supplements during chemotherapy, whether or not to consume dairy products, and much more.

For example, been told to avoid drinking green tea while using Velcade?  Dr. Abrams doesn’t agree!

I have listened to the re-broadcast twice, and I plan to listen again.  I learn something new each time.

Here’s a link to the broadcast.  You really should check it out:


Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat